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  • SFBHS Clubs

The staff at St. Francis Borgia High School sponsors a variety of clubs and encourages students to participate in these clubs to explore their interests, seek avenues of self-expression, and develop leadership skills. Academic Clubs encourage students to explore ways to grow intellectually by participating in book discussions or competing in scholastic competitions. Fine Arts Clubs allow students to explore their interests in theater, music, and art. The Language Clubs seek to explore the culture and history of countries. Many clubs are based on exploring our Catholic faith, developing a commitment to serve others, and helping students to grow spiritually. Still, other clubs explore healthy life choices and a variety of other interests. 

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  • Academic Clubs

    Book Club
    • Purpose: To celebrate literature, expand literary experiences, promote reading, discuss ideas and opinions about good books, and have fun.
    • Membership: Open to all students and faculty.
    • Activities:  Select, read, critique, discuss, and enjoy contemporary and classic books and gather with like-minded book lovers in the joy of reading.
    • Club Moderator: Mrs. Patty Russell.
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    • Purpose: To learn about business operations including finance, marketing, and management.
    • Membership: Application to the national organization
    • Activities: Manage two small business operations i.e. Turkey Tourney T-Shirt Business and the Ted Drewes Fundraiser Business. Participate in online business competitions, attend FBLA District Convention, and sponsor guest speakers on business practices at monthly meetings, based on club leadership and members' involvement.
    • Club Moderator: Open
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
    National Honor Society (N.H.S)
    • Purpose: To provide students an opportunity to give service to the school and community. It also assists students to gain a positive attitude toward service and working as a team on service projects.
    • Membership:
    • Section 1: Membership in this chapter is an honor bestowed upon deserving students by the faculty and shall be based upon the criteria of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.  
    • Section 2: Membership in this chapter shall be known as active and graduate.  The graduate members have no vote.  Active members become graduate members at graduation.
    • Section 3: Eligibility
      • Candidates eligible for selection to this chapter must be members of the sophomore, junior, or senior class.
      • To be eligible for selection to membership in this chapter, the candidate must have been enrolled for a period equivalent to one semester at SFBHS.
      • Candidates eligible for election to the chapter shall have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale.
      • Upon meeting the grade level, enrollment, and GPA standards, candidates shall then be considered for their service, leadership, and character.
      • Candidates' service hours must be meeting or exceeding 12.5 hours per semester attended at Borgia. 
      • Club Moderator: Mrs. Emily Brasher
      • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
    Scholar Bowl
    • Purpose: To match our students’ knowledge of Social Studies, Math, Science, Art, Music, and English against other students in schools in our area.
    • Membership: The club is comprised of a Varsity and Junior Varsity Team. The club is open to students of all grade levels.
    • Activities: Competitions against other schools take place late fall through the 2nd semester. 
    • Club Moderator: Mr. Andrew Allen
    • Meeting Time: Scholar Bowl will practice on Tuesdays (JV and Varsity), October-April, in Seminar. Other clubs and/or class needs take precedence over these practices.
  • Athletic Clubs

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    • Purpose:  To present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the    challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering, and encouraging people to make a  difference for Christ.
    • Membership:  Open to all athletes and coaches
    • Activities: At weekly and monthly meetings discuss athletics and Christ and incorporate the three F’s: Fellowship, Fun, and Food.
    • Club Moderator: Mr. Spencer Unnerstall
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
  • Faith Based Clubs

    Campus Ministry Council
    • Purpose: To allow student involvement in the planning and execution of student Eucharists, Penance Services, and other spiritual activities in the school community.
    • Membership: Open to all students.
    • Activities: Planning liturgies, prayer services, setting the school environment for the liturgical seasons, and spreading faith on Borgia's campus.
    • Club Moderator:  Mrs. Amanda Wunderlich
    • Meeting Time: Campus Ministry Council will always meet one week before Mass. 

    Christian Life Communities

    • St. Francis Borgia High School Christian Life Communities
    • Purpose:  To gather and reflect on our lives – to pray together, socialize and minister with and to one another using Ignatian Spirituality as a model.  CLC is more than just a faith-sharing group. It is a way of life. It focuses on the values of community, service, and spirituality.
    • Membership: Open to all students. Students will be placed in small faith-sharing groups that consist of about six to eight students from a specific class.
    • Activities: To support one another in living a spiritual lifestyle.  The focus is on the development of the inner self within the community. CLC touches the affective side of people in a way clubs and other groups cannot.
    • Meeting Location: CLC groups meet in the mornings before school begins from 7:40 a.m. through homeroom. Some groups meet weekly, others bimonthly. Location varies depending upon the group.
    • Club Moderator:  Mrs. Amanda Wunderlich.  Each small group has a guide (someone who has been in a CLC group before) who leads the group meetings.

    Faith and Action
    • Purpose: To live the Gospel by participating in works of love and mercy for those most in need. “What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister has nothing to wear and has no food for the day, and one of you says to them, 'Go in peace, keep warm, and eat well,' but you do not give them the necessities of the body, what good is it? So also faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” James 2:14-17
    • Membership:  Open to all students and faculty
    • Activities:  Cooking and serving at Harvest Table, working with the shelter and meals programs at Peter and Paul Community Services in St. Louis, collecting for and filling mini-food pantries, assisting with special and holiday parish and community events, and organizing collections or other projects for charities as needed.
    • Club Moderator: Mrs. Patty Russell
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
    Pro-Life Club
    • Purpose: To respect, protect and enhance life at every stage from conception to natural death.
    • Membership: Open to all students.
    • Activities: National Pro-Life March to D.C, Birthday Drive, meeting with our Missouri representatives to lobby Pro-Life, and other activities to promote a Pro-Life lifestyle.
    • Club Moderator: Mr. Danny Strohmeyer
    • Meeting Time: Sept. 24, Oct. 25, Nov. 28, Dec. 14, Jan. 7, Feb. 27, March 28, and April 26
  • Fine Art Clubs

    Art Club
    • Purpose: To cultivate an appreciation for the fine arts here at Borgia, to learn more about the world of art and artists, and to learn various techniques and use them in creative expressions.
    • Membership: Open to all students.
    • Activities: Some planned activities of the club include fundraisers for new art supplies and setting up and taking down for the Art Fair. There will also be guest speakers that will talk about their various experiences in the art field.
    • Club Moderator: Ms. Kelly Mantle
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
    Borgia On Stage Society (BOSS)
    • Purpose: To learn, support, maintain, and run the theater program at St. Francis Borgia High School and to affiliate with the Missouri State Thespians and the International Thespian Society.
    • Membership: Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have participated in at least two full-length theatrical productions at Borgia and acquired at least 10 participation points (approximately 100 hours of work in the theater).
    • Activities: Sponsor and run the annual summer Drama Camp, raise funds for the theater department, participate in the Missouri State Thespian Conference, participate in the International Thespian Festival, and attend various shows around the area, BOSS inductions, and awards ceremonies.
    • Cost: $35 for new inductees (includes membership in the International Thespian Society), $5 for returning members.
    • Club Moderator: Mr.Tim Buchheit
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar and every Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.
    Drama Club
    • Purpose: To encourage dramatics at St. Francis Borgia High School, to create awareness of the various opportunities both to participate in dramatic productions or to attend various productions in and around our area and to gain certain expertise in the various areas of theater (stagecraft, acting, lighting, makeup, etc.).
    • Membership: Open to any or all students who exhibit an interest in theater. We encourage all members to be active in at least one production a year.
    • Activities: Fall plays, Spring Musicals, Club Meetings, Attending productions (at the Rep, Muny, ECC, Washington H. S., and of course, our own productions), and possible theater trips.
    • Club Moderator: Mr. Tim Buchheit
    • Meeting Time: See the calendar on the homepage or ask the moderator.
    Knight Improv Team
    • Purpose: To promote and foster the art of improvisational acting. Students in Knight Club will be encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, practice speaking with purpose, learn to say “yes”, discover more about themselves, and become better listeners.
    • Membership: Open to all students
    • Activities: Members will practice improv on a weekly basis and perform in up to four public performances per year. Eligibility for performances may be based on attendance, auditions, or both.
    • Club Moderator: Mr. Tim Buchheit
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
    Speech Team
    • Purpose: To give interested students an opportunity to participate in competitive speaking situations. Students who qualify can be recognized at the district and state levels.
    • Membership: Open to all interested students.
    • Activities: The club has four meets on Sundays during the school year.
    • Club Moderator: Mr.Tim Buchheit
    • Meeting Time: See moderator for meeting times.

    Soul Singers
    • Purpose: To lead music at school liturgies.
    • Membership: Open to all students who must be able to attend meetings before and after school up to twice a month, besides attending the regularly scheduled meetings during seminar.
    • Activities: Sing and play instruments at All-School Masses.
    • Club Moderator: Open
    • Meeting Time: Soul Singers will always meet the day before Mass. 
  • Language Clubs

    German Klub
    • Purpose:  To learn more about German cultural activities. Service projects will also be performed.
    • Membership: Approval of moderator
    • Activities: Special activities would be planned around Oktoberfest, Christmas, and Maifest. Summer trips to Germany and exchange programs will be discussed monthly. A summer camp for prospective  German students can also be developed.
    • Club Moderator: Mr. Andrew Gross
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
    Spanish Club
    • Purpose: To learn about Spanish and Spanish-speaking countries.
    • Membership: Open to anyone who is interested in learning about Spanish.
    • Activities: Meet regularly to discuss and explore the cultures of different Spanish-speaking countries. Also, we have fundraisers.
    • Club Moderator: Mrs. Jodi Cruz
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
  • Other Clubs

    Agriculture Club
    • Purpose: To create awareness of agricultural sciences, expose students to agricultural experiences, and provide information about educational opportunities and careers in the field of agricultural science.
    • Membership: Open to all students
    • Activities: Students may take tours of agricultural facilities and meet with various professionals in the agricultural science field.
    • Club Moderator: Mr. Travis Stockhorst                             
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
    Cubing Club
    • Purpose: Cubing is a great way to help bring students of all shapes and sizes together to do something fun, competitive, and EDUCATIONAL.
    • Membership: We have no requirements, you don't even need to know how to solve a cube. COME AND LEARN! And you certainly don't need to be a speed solver, although some members may be.
    • Activities: Teach members who don't know how to solve the cube. Solve cubes of all shapes and sizes. Have mini-competitions within our own club. If possible go to close WCA (World Cubing Association) competitions. Enjoy our hobby and build a community that is free of stress, yet still competitive and fun.
    • Club Moderator: Open
    • Meeting Time: Mondays during seminar
    Politics and Civics Club
    • Purpose: To discuss local, state, national, and international current events in government and politics.  Guest speakers give students a wide variety of information related to future possible vocations and volunteer opportunities to consider.
    • Membership: Open to all students.
    • Activities: Students may volunteer with fundraisers for charity, serve as student election judges, conduct voter registration, and attend Missouri Boys and Girls State.
    • Club Moderator: Mr. John Strawn
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
    Spirit Leaders
    • Purpose: Spirit Leaders will promote good sportsmanship at all times, advertise the dates and times of sporting events, plan and run the various pep assemblies during the year, plan recognition weeks for the sports teams, judge sportsmanship at the varsity boy’s basketball tournament and help with service activities such as March Madness collection, book collection, and Harvest Table.
    • Membership: Sophomore, junior and senior members are selected from volunteers in the spring. Freshmen are chosen from volunteers in the fall. 
    • Club Moderator: Ms. Ellen Domijan
    • Meeting Time: See the school calendar or ask the moderator.
    Student Advancement Corps (StAC)
    • Purpose: To advance the School’s mission by creating unique and innovative philanthropic strategies that engage donors and students. Students assist the Advancement Office in educating our School and Borgia community on our “why” and communicate effectively the importance of their participation (time, talent, and treasure).
    • Membership: Open to all students. We encourage students to be active members of the group and participate in individual or group activities year-round
    • Activities: Borgia Giving Day, the annual Auction, Mega Raffle, Philanthropy Week, appreciation events, and the Advancement Office social media strategies.
    • Club Moderator: Mrs. Anne Lober                             
    • Meeting Time: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Students are limited to choosing three clubs in which they would like to participate.  Appeals to this policy must be brought to the principal.