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  • Exploring Potential Career Paths & College Programs

    SFBHS students participate in career and college readiness activities throughout their high school experience. Students complete a curriculum that includes using the student's personality profile, multiple intelligence traits, and personal interests to explore potential career paths and college programs. Individual college and career preparation is completed yearly with the student's grade level counselor and the college application process is guided by the college specialist.

    Options after high school:

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  • Overview

    Students will meet with their counselor each year to discuss career options after high school. Counselors will assist students in examining their academic strengths and interests to help them plan high school courses that match their interests. Advisors meet with students once a week to offer additional assistance.
  • Four-Year College or University

    The Counseling Office offers valuable information about the various college and university programs that are available to high school graduates. Juniors and seniors are given opportunities to meet with visiting college representatives.
  • Community College

    East Central College offers students four-degree options: the Associate of Arts, the Associate of Science, the Associate of Arts in Teaching, and the Associate of Applied Science. Each degree choice affords students various options based on their academic interests and career choices.
  • Technical College

    Technical institutions also provide Associate Degrees in Science, Associate Degrees in Applied Science, and Certificates of Proficiency in many areas.

  • Military

    Students and parents should meet with the recruiter to discuss military options. For more information, please visit Selective Services System.

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