Spiritual Life

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  • Retreats

    St. Francis Borgia High School seeks to give our students many opportunities to deepen their relationships with God and develop a more spiritual life outside the walls of our school. One way is by offering retreats for students throughout their high school careers.

    One of the first activities our incoming freshmen participate in is the Luke 18 retreat. Luke 18 is a retreat led by faculty and upperclassmen that allows students to explore who they want to be while giving them confidence as they adjust to a new high school setting.

    Borgia offers a one-day retreat for sophomores. The sophomore retreat focuses on living our Christian values through Servant Leadership. Students go out into our community and complete service at several organizations while learning what it means to be a leader. 

    The junior retreat, led by faculty, focuses on coming together as a class and the best way to be a servant leader. This is a closed, overnight retreat. Borgia currently offers a Kairos or MORE Retreat to fulfill this requirement. Both retreats allow students to take a closer look at their relationship with God and gives them advice on how to continue that relationship after high school.

    The Senior Class participates in a one-day retreat, Living For Jesus, where they take what they have learned about their relationship with God and how to carry it on their journey after graduation. These retreats are led by the Campus Minister with the help of faculty and CLIF team members.