Pope Francis

To love as Christ means to put yourself at the service of your brothers and sisters, as He did in washing the feet of the disciples. It means making ourselves available, as we are, and with what we have. This means to love not in word but in deed.
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Graduation Requirements

St. Francis Borgia High School recognizes Pope Francis’ message that we should “encounter those most in need” in our daily lives and the best way to do that is through service. We want our students to see the power and the good of making a Christian commitment to the service of others. Therefore, all students are required to serve a minimum of 100 Christian Service hours before they graduate.

Service Requirements

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  • Service Hours Requirements

    Ideally, the service is spread throughout the four years, i.e., a minimum of 25 hours per school year per student.
  • Opportunities

    Regular opportunities can be found on the Helper Helper app, but students can identify their own opportunities,  If in doubt if it will count as service, please check in with Ms. Russell.
  • Service Hours for Borgia

    A maximum of 12.5 hours can be completed for Borgia.

Examples of Service


Specific questions concerning Christian Service can be directed to Ms. Patty Russell.