What To Do

Fill out the Google Form with your choice. Read your selected title over the summer, and return to school next fall ready to interact with others who read your selected book. Many of the books on the list are available in your public library. Check there (physical or online) to read the book for free. If you prefer to buy your book, Neighborhood Reads is offering 10% off any book on the list if you say it’s for the Borgia Summer Reading.
During summer break, you will be responsible for reading one book from the Summer Reading list. (Please sign up for only one title; however, read as many as you would like.) Teachers and staff members carefully choose these books to read alongside you. The right book for you is one that you will actually read and enjoy.  You may want to push yourself to read something outside your comfort zone. You may just want something that will keep your interest and entertain you. You may want to learn about a new topic. Have fun with it!