Athletic Facilities

Originally, the athletic facilities at St. Francis Borgia High School consisted of a football field and a gym, which was used for physical education classes, basketball, and volleyball.
Other sporting events were held off-campus.  However, the athletic facilities at St. Francis Borgia High School have expanded since 1981.

The Athletic Complex

The Athletic Complex was opened in the fall of 2010. It has an artificial turf field used for football and soccer. The band also uses the field to practice for their half-time shows and marching band competitions. The Athletic Complex has a regulation track around the field along with pole vault, high jump, long, and triple jump areas. A press box is located on the east side of the complex. A storage room and concession stand are located at the southwest corner. Also, a prayer garden in memory of Duane Haddox, a former teacher and Dean at Borgia, is located at the north end.

Baseball/Softball Complex

The Baseball/Softball Complex underwent extensive renovations during the 2013-2014 school year. The infield was converted to artificial turf, a scoreboard was added, the batting cages were improved, and new bullpens were constructed for both the visiting and home teams. Sod was also laid in the outfield. The new field was dedicated and blessed prior to the home game on April 25, 2014.

George Wingbermuehle Activity Center

The WAC is used to house physical education classes during the school day and extracurricular activities after school. It safely and securely accommodates the dance team, band, drum-line, flag corps, cheerleaders, basketball, wrestling volleyball, and numerous other high school events.  In addition to these activities, freshman volleyball basketball, and wrestling host events in this facility.

The Ray DeGreeff Gymnasium

The gym has a seating capacity of  2000 and is used for physical education classes, sports team practices, and games, as well as other activities, such as the annual Gala. It is also used for all school Masses, reconciliation services, and all-school assemblies.

Weight Room

The Weight Room was added in 2001 and was recently updated in 2019. It is used for strength and conditioning classes and for physical conditioning for all sports teams. The Weight Room is open during school hours and after-school hours when coaches are available.