Kevin D. Broom, PhD“For our family, the Borgia experience has been quite fulfilling. Our top priority was sending our children to a school that provides a challenging, enriching education in a safe, faith-based environment. We wanted a school that would build a solid foundation to help our kids thrive, both in preparation for college, as well as in life beyond school. Two of our sons have now attended Borgia, and we could not be happier with their experiences. In many ways, Borgia’s commitment to a high-quality education mirrors what I’ve seen at the university level. Along with 98% of his classmates, our oldest son recently graduated and successfully moved on to a great college. Now, our middle son has begun his Borgia experience, and he really enjoys the environment. In the future, we certainly hope that our other three children will also have such a great experience at Borgia.”

Claire Rembecki, Class of 2012“I am absolutely convinced that there is no better, more welcoming, more spirited school than St. Francis Borgia Regional High School. I spent my four years at Borgia involving myself in as much as I possibly could; from anchoring the school’s daily live morning news program to painting my face blue and gold for football games, I loved every moment of Borgia. And now, as a student at the University of Notre Dame, I cannot thank Borgia enough for all the ways it prepared me for my future.

The phenomenal education I received at Borgia put me ahead of my class at Notre Dame, instilling within me the work ethic to succeed in anything to which I set my mind. The plethora of opportunities offered at Borgia, whether in classes, clubs, sports, or the arts, helped me pin down my passions in life—little did I know that my years in Borgia’s student council and Honors American History classes would lead me to declare a political science major, and then accept an internship to work at Parliament in London while studying abroad! I know undoubtedly that Borgia’s focus on spiritual life helped me develop a strong Catholic identity, one that I plan to continue developing throughout life. And as for the community at Borgia, no words can suffice; the school is truly a family, and the friends I made at Borgia are still my best friends today.
Though I’ve traveled far beyond Washington, Missouri, since graduation, I will always remain a part of the Borgia Family. I know undoubtedly that I am the person I am today because of St. Francis Borgia.”

Nathan Snodgrass, Class of 2014“Attending Borgia was one of the wisest decisions I ever made. I attribute the discovery of my passions for journalism, community service, and faith to my time at Borgia. The various academic and extracurricular programs, intellectually challenging classes, and experienced teachers make it easy for one to realize his or her vocation.

My involvement with The Knightly News Live helped me realize my life’s passion. As a TV Broadcast Journalism student at the University of Missouri, I can honestly say my involvement with KNL has put me ahead of the curve. Having recently started working at a local professional news station, I really came to appreciate the skills I learned. I left Borgia having gained timeless organizational, leadership, and ethical skills that I use everyday in my Journalism coursework.

I left Borgia with a sense of community service. It instilled the idea that it is my obligation as a Christian and a citizen to give back. Involvement in various clubs and organizations gave me countless opportunities to give back to the numerous communities with which I was involved (e.g., faith, school and learning communities). From leading a small group on the Kairos and Luke 18 retreats, to going door-to-door asking for donations to the United Way, service became an integral part of my life. And for that, I am forever thankful.

Experiences both in and out of the classroom at Borgia have helped transform me into the person I am today—a faith-filled, service-minded journalism student, dedicated to the ethical reporting of information citizens need to know. Borgia is beyond a “college preparatory” institution; it is an establishment that prepares one for life.” 

Connor Voss, Class of 2012


“Borgia instills a lifelong desire in its students to work hard and give back. As a junior at the University of Missouri, I recognize that Borgia trains its students to be “doers.” While in high school, I took it for granted how incredible it is that whenever something needs to be done, Borgia simply rolls up its sleeves, comes together and gets it done.
After graduation, my Borgia values both prepared me for the challenges of higher level academia and propelled me to form a more intimate bond with my University through campus involvement and service. Borgia instilled in me the initiative needed to get involved at a major university and the untiring diligence needed to excel in my coursework. I know that my Borgia values will stick with me wherever life takes me – and that I will be forever thankful.”



Sheri Forget“Twelve years ago, our son was in 8th grade and we made the decision to send him to St. Francis Borgia High School. Having three children, we knew this was a long term, financial commitment for us. The monetary sacrifice has truly been just that, especially during hard times, but it has been one worth making, and somehow God has always provided. From the moment we attended his Luke 18 mass, when he started his freshman year, we knew we made the right decision.
As soon as we walked through the doors, we were met with the warm embrace of a safe, moral, Christian environment with a dedicated staff and faculty that has provided a foundation for our children. That foundation is rooted in faith, academic excellence, family, community and the tradition of St. Francis.
Borgia has prepared our children spiritually, socially, emotionally and academically for college and lifelong success. It has made them realize their God-given talent and reach their full potential. They have had the opportunity to give back to their community through service and social awareness. We are so grateful they have attended and participated in retreats that have prompted them to learn more about themselves, and strengthened their relationship with others and God.
We now have two college graduates and the last of our three children will be starting her senior year at Borgia. It is bittersweet. They say ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ We feel so blessed it has been this village to help us raise ours.
Someone once told us, ‘Never feel guilty for investing in your children, the return-on-investment is immeasurable.’ They were right. We and our children are part of something special…’The Borgia Family.’ It is one of our proudest accomplishments as parents.
Thank you from the bottom our hearts!”
Dave and Sheri Forget
Parents of Justin, Kayla, and Haleigh