Summer Assignments

Math Assignments

It is recommended that students wait until August 1 to complete summer math assignments, as teachers hope for students to have a fresh understanding of these ideas when school begins. All assignments need to be printed and solved using pencil. Remember to show your work. Students are asked to complete the following based on their course enrollment for 2018-2019, prior to August 16. Assignments will be collected your first day of class.

Advanced Algebra

Algebra II


College Algebra


 Summer Reading Assignment

This summer, you will be responsible for reading one book from the list in the Google form. (We hope you read more than that!) Teachers and staff members carefully chose these books, and we will be reading along side you this summer.  Please look over the options and choose a book best suited for you and your reading goals. Maybe you want to push yourself to read something outside your comfort zone this summer. Maybe you aren't a reader, and you just want to find something that isn't too difficult. Maybe you want to be entertained.  Maybe you want to learn about a new topic. There is a book for all of you on this list. Choose something that you will enjoy. Fill out this form with your choice. Read it over the summer and return to school next fall ready to discuss and answer questions about your book.  

 Summer Reading Form

Freshman Strategies for Success

The following tutorials need to be completed and assignments submitted electronically by Sunday, August 12th.  ALL assignments will be submitted through eBackpack. Please read your directions for assignment submission carefully.  eBackpack will not be available until July 20th.  

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