Student Wellness


Whatever your concern, big or small, your school counselor is here to listen. Your information will be protected under the standard terms of confidentiality. There are always hope and solutions, and talking it out with a trusted person like a counselor can help you see your options for staying safe and healthy. And, of course, you can always come to share your successes and positive news throughout your Borgia journey. A counselor is also here to celebrate your triumphs!


The Care Team at SFBRHS is composed of the counselors, the learning consultant, selected faculty members, the chaplain, and the vice principal. It meets regularly to discuss individual students who have academic, social, emotional, behavioral, or spiritual needs. The team plans strategies to help students in need and then assesses the outcomes. Students are referred to the Care Team by teachers and staff.


Borgia has a mental health specialist available to serve our community. Kristie Kandlbinder is our counselor made available through a grant administered by the Franklin County Children and Families Resource Board. Mrs. Kandlbinder works through the Family Wellness Program, a division of Catholic Family Services. She is available for individual student counseling and consultation with parents and teachers. She also assists the school with bullying, conflict resolution, anger management, and other areas. If you would like to take advantage of these services, please contact your child’s counselor.

Concerned parents or teachers should contact the student’s counselor and/or submit a referral for our CARE team. We collaborate with our Learning Consultant, Mr. Alex Piontex, and mental health specialist, Mrs. Kristie Kandlbinder to identify effective interventions and resources for students in need of additional support.


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