331 Spanish I

2 semesters, 1 credit

Open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors

Prerequisite: Recommendation of Guidance Counselor based on Achievement Test

Spanish I is an introduction to the language, culture, and customs of Spanish-speaking peoples. Emphasis is placed on listening, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. iPad and internet access after school will be necessary. Students who do not maintain a “C” grade at the end of the second semester of Spanish I may not take the next level course without teacher approval. They may take Spanish I again to improve their grade to move on to the next level course, but they will receive credit for the course only once. If the student wants to move to the next level course of the language and does not wish to repeat the initial level, he or she will need to successfully complete a summer course to raise his/her grade to a “C” in Spanish I before advancing to Spanish II.


By the completion of this course, students will be able to…

  1. Use Spanish to communicate through speaking, writing, listening, and reading.
  2. Participate verbally in class and learn how mistakes are opportunities for learning.
  3. Research the various cultures that represent the Spanish speaking world.
  4. Express an appreciation for the diversity of cultures that represent the Spanish-speaking people both locally and globally.
  5. Use today’s technology to communicate within and explore the Spanish speaking world.  


By the completion of this course, students will know…

  1. Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and structure 


This curriculum was last updated on August 27, 2019, by the Foreign Language Department.