Senior College Planning Timeline


 Continue to examine your abilities, interests, strength, hobbies, etc. Your counselor has your ability test results.
 Try to relate these interests to careers or college majors. If you have not done so, see your guidance counselor to start setting up plans to visit colleges, checking out schools and majors, and to answer questions you may have. If you are not sure of your major or career interest, think about taking another interest test. Several inventories are available through Naviance. Consider the factors in choosing a college: location, size, expense, etc. Narrow your college choices to three or four schools.
 Sign-up on Naviance to visit with college representatives who come to Borgia. Check the College calendar outside the Counseling Office or on Naviance. Also watch for college representatives and other important announcements on our Facebook page (St. Francis Borgia RHS College Counseling) and Twitter page (@BorgiaCounselor).
 Arrange to visit colleges, tech schools, etc. We encourage using your free days for college visits.
 Register to take (or re-take) the ACT. If you have not taken the ACT and plan to attend a 4-year college, the September or October test dates are recommended. If you are re-taking the ACT, some colleges and scholarship committees require ACT scores before the December test date. Reference the schools you are interested in, to determine whether ACT plus writing is necessary. Also, if you have scored a 27 or higher on the ACT, retaking the test at every opportunity could qualify you for the Bright Flight (score of 31 or higher) Scholarship. Students planning to attend a 2-year college may choose to wait to take the December test. See the ACT dates for this year on the Counseling Bulletin Board. Check with colleges to see the last ACT date that scores will be accepted for scholarship consideration.
 Create a resume of your activities, awards, and accomplishments on Naviance. Your English teacher gave this information to you.
 Start sending in applications to the schools you are most interested in. Make sure you check each school’s scholarship deadlines. Allow at least one week for recommendation letters.
 Fine Arts students need to audition or present a portfolio. Start keeping your best work if you have not done so.


 Gather scholarship information via scholarship bulletins, websites, etc. and complete applications by required deadlines.
 Complete college visits.
 Finish applying to schools that you want to attend that have early deadlines for admissions.
 Attend career or college nights in the area
 The ACT is offered in October.
 To file for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online, you and your parent(s) need a FSA ID. Get it now to speed up this process at


 Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. The website is You should complete your FAFSA form online as soon as possible after January 1st.
 If your prospective school requires a mid-year progress report or seventh semester transcript, now is the time to send it. Your application packet will tell you if this is needed. It is most often requested by private colleges.
 Keep searching for scholarships.
 Check with any colleges that you are applying with to see how many college credit hours they will accept.
 The ACT is offered in December.


 You should start hearing back from schools regarding both admissions and scholarship awards.
 Your FAFSA should be submitted online by February 28 to get the best chance at financial aid.
 Wait to make your official college decision until you know your financial aid package and whether you’ve been accepted at other schools.
 Keep on filling out those scholarship forms!
 Once you choose the school you will be attending, don’t forget to complete your housing application and sign up for orientation.
 The ACT is offered in February.
 The Community of Washington Scholarship (many local scholarships in one application) is due this month (March). 


 You should receive your Financial Aid (SAR) information from FAFSA by early April.
 The ACT is offered in April. (Your last chance will be in June.)
 Keep your eye on the Borgia Facebook and Twitter pages in April for late scholarship possibilities.
 Write thank you letters to everyone who helped you.
 Notify the school of your final choice by May 1. Let other schools know your final plans.
 Complete “Senior Final Plans” on Naviance. This tells us where to send your final transcript after graduation and the list of scholarships you have received and are using that will be announced at graduation.


 Have your SLU, ECC, and UMSL credits sent to the college of your choice. You must request your transcript to be sent.
 Remember to make a copy of all paperwork you send to colleges. This includes applications, financial aid, and scholarship applications. Keep a file of all of these papers and all correspondence you receive from the colleges, including emails received.