American Patriot Party 
The American Patriot Party, which America's Party merged into, emphasizes the U.S. Constitution and State's rights.

Subject: Political Science--Politics--Political Parties (United States)

Can I Vote 
Run by the National Association of Secretaries of State, Can I Vote contains state-by-state voting and voter registration information including polling places, and absentee voting policies.

Subject: Political Science--Politics--US Elections;

Democratic Policy Committee 
"The Democratic Policy Committee (DPC) is the policy and research arm of Senate Democrats. Established by an Act of Congress in 1947, the DPC serves as a centralized source of information for all Senate Democratic offices and helps promote Democratic policies through hearings, special events, publications, and graphics services."

Subject: Political Science--Politics--Political Parties (United States); Government--US Federal Government--Legislative Branch--Senate;

Electoral College 
The Office of the Federal Register coordinates the functions of the United States Electoral College. This website includes a variety of information and statistics on presidential elections, past and present, including historical results, relevant laws and procedures, and current electoral votes by state.

Subject: Political Science--Politics--US Elections;

The Green Papers 
This site provides historical and current data on the U.S. elections process, including articles on the history of the political parties and the evolution of the primary system.

Subject: Political Science--Politics--Political Parties (United States)--History;

The Green Party of the U.S. Official Site 
Perhaps the best-known independent party in the U.S., the Green Party emphasizes social and ecological issues. The site contains party ads and publications.

Subject: Political Science--Politics--Political Parties (United States);

Labor Party 
The Labor Party is a new party that believes in the "issues most important to working people: trade, health care, and the rights to organize, bargain and strike."

Subject: Political Science--Politics--Political Parties (United States);

OpenSecrets.Org: Center for Responsive Politics 
This is a revamped web site sponsored by the Center for Responsive Politics highlighting the personal finances of members of Congress, the judiciary & top level executive officials. Provides information on which members are the richest and "poorest", which investments are most popular and which members chose to invest in the same companies that lobby them and contribute to their campaigns.

Subject: Political Science--Politics--Political Parties (United States); Political Science--Politics--US Elections; Political Science--Think Tanks;

PBS NewsHour 
Public Broadcasting Service's online version of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Includes past programs to 1997, Special Projects such as the Poetry Series, covering contemporary American poets, and Global Health Watch covering health issues around the world, and resources for teachers and students.

Subject: Political Science--Politics--Politics News;

Project Vote Smart 
This site is "a national library of factual information on candidates for public office from President of the United States down to state legislature.” It covers them in five basic areas: backgrounds, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances, performance evaluations made by over 100 liberal to conservative special interest groups. 

Subject: Political Science--Politics--US Elections;

This blog provides daily links to selected headlines, columns, editorials from major news and print publication websites, results of the latest polls, as well as news-related talk show transcripts.

Subject: Politics Blogs; Politics Blogs;

Senate Republican Policy Committee (RPC) 
The committee advances Republican policies by providing positions on legislation, floor debate, and votes. RPC also provides in-depth analysis on specific issues, policy solutions and alternatives, and strategic guidance. We also provide a recorded vote analysis and run the internal RPC TV broadcast.

Subject: Political Science--Politics--Political Parties (United States); Government--US Federal Government--Legislative Branch--Senate

Senate Page on the History of Political Parties
This site contains links to information on the history of political parties in the Senate.

Subject: Political Science--Politics--Political Parties (United States)--History

Town Hall: Conservative News and Information 
This site is an interactive community of "conservative" thoughts, ideas and actions.

Subject: Political Science--Politics