Other Clubs

Agriculture Club

St. Francis Borgia High School Agriculture Club

Purpose: To create awareness of agricultural sciences, to expose students to agricultural experiences, and to provide information about educational opportunities and careers in the field of agricultural science.
Membership: Open to all students
Activities: Students may take tours of agricultural facilities and meet with various professionals in the agricultural science field.
Club Moderator: Ms. Healther Mallinckrodt                                                              Meeting Time: See the calendar on the homepage or ask the moderator.

Cubing Club

Purpose: Cubing is a great way to help bring students of all shapes and sizes together to do something fun, competitive, and EDUCATIONAL.
Membership: We have no requirements, you don't even need to know how to solve a cube. COME AND LEARN! And you certainly don't need to be a speedsolver, although some members may be.
Activities: Teach members who don't know how to solve the cube. Solve cubes of all shapes and sizes. Have mini competitions within our own club. If possible go to close WCA (World Cubing Association) competitions. Enjoy our hobby and build a community that is free of stress, yet still competitive and fun.
Club Moderator: Mr. Thiele
Meeting Time: We have not currently found out when we will meet due to the school COVID schedule. We will notify all members as soon as we figure all the details out. As well as we may have some SHORT virtual meetings.

Politics and Civics Club 

St. Francis Borgia High School Politics and Civics Club

Purpose: To discuss local, state, national and international current events in  government and politics.  Guest speakers give students a wide variety of  information related to future possible vocations and volunteer opportunities to  consider.
Membership: Open to all students.
Activities: Students may volunteer with fundraisers for charity, serve as  student election judges, conduct voter registration, and attend Missouri Boys and Girls State.
Club Moderator: Dr. John Simmons
Meeting Time: See the calendar on the homepage or ask the moderator.


Purpose: To help curb alcohol and drug abuse; to alert high school students to the dangers of drugs and alcohol; to conduct community alcohol awareness programs; to promote safe driving habits; and to organize and implement alcohol-free activities.   Membership: Open to all students
Activities: Alcohol and drug awareness assemblies, promoting safe driving, organizing a school-wide campaign to Not Text and Drive, and host an Activity night for seventh and eighth grade students to promote making healthy decisions
Club Moderator: 
Meeting Time: See the calendar on the homepage or ask the moderator.


Sewing Club

* Due to COVID restrictions, Sewing Club is not meeting currently. If you have interest in Sewing Club, please contact Mrs. Redington. 

Purpose: To develop sewing skills while sewing for yourself or charity with the possibility of earning service hours.
Membership: Open to all students, beginner to advanced
Activities: Sew projects at each meeting. All materials will be provided.
Club Moderator: Mrs. Judy Meinert, Mrs. Jill Ferguson & Mrs. Michelle Redington
Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday of the month at 3:15 PM at Phil's Sewing Studio, 400 East 5th Street

Student Advancement Corps (StAC)

Purpose: To advance the School’s mission by creating unique and innovative philanthropic strategies that engage donors and students. Students assist the Advancement Office in educating our School and Borgia community on our “why” and communicate effectively the importance of their participation (time, talent, and treasure).
Membership: Open to all students. We encourage students to be active members of the group and participate in individual or group activities year-round
Activities: Borgia Giving Day, the annual Auction, Mega Raffle, Philanthropy Week, appreciation events, and the Advancement Office social media strategies.
Club Moderator: The Advancement Office                                                            Meeting Time: Please see a member of the Advancement staff

Wellness Club

Purpose: To educate and create awareness of the various aspects of health, including mind, body, and spirit. To promote positivity, wellness, and activities that contribute to overall well being. To develop an understanding of coping skills, the processes of the brain, and the importance of spirituality. 
Membership: Open to all students
Activities: Discuss specific wellness topics. Practice a variety of coping techniques. Explore extended resources to deepen knowledge. 
Club Moderator: Mrs. Kaitlyn Noelker-Williams
Meeting Time: See the calendar on the home page or ask the moderator. 


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