655 Musical Theater

1 semester, ½ credit

Prerequisite:  none

Open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors

This course will give students a background in many aspects of Musical Theatre.  Units will include vocal techniques, stage terminology, dance, auditioning for musical theatre, scene work, and technical work for the musical.  Students will perform scenes from musical theatre, complete with technical aspects, as part of their final for the class.  Students may be required to attend work sessions during seminar or after school as part of this course.



By the completion of this course, students will be able to.....

  1. Develop an audition for a musical theater production.
  2. Sing lead and/or harmonies for various musical theater songs.
  3. Create believable situations and characters.
  4. Dance various steps in planned stage choreography.
  5. Utilize proper stage movement.
  6. Design and create props, costumes, set, sound and lighting
  7. Block, rehearse, memorize and perform scenes.
  8. Evaluate musical theater productions.


 By the completion of this course, students will know.....

  1. Auditioning preparation and technique
  2. Mind development for the actor
  3. Basic stage movement
  4. How to develop the voice
  5. Various characterization and choreography
  6. How to prepare scenework
  7. Basic technical theater design and production


This curriculum last updated on January 27, 2021, by the Fine Arts Department.