Memorial Gifts & Scholarships

Memorial Gift to St. Francis Borgia High SchoolOne of the most gratifying experiences a donor can have is a gift in honor or memory of a loved one. These are lasting tributes to family and friends. Borgia has a beautiful memorial card available for your use in remembering family and friends. It is a thoughtful way to let the family know you are thinking of them.

Memorial Scholarships are an important aspect of the school’s financial assistance packages that are offered to create a diverse student body and enhance the school community. Borgia is fortunate to have been asked many times to help families honor and memorialize their loved ones through memorial gifts and scholarship funds. These scholarships are named for beloved alumni, faculty, coaches, spouses, and family members. They are lasting tributes to family and friends whose names and legacies will live on through St. Francis Borgia Regional High School.  Scholarships that are currently endowed are denoted by an asterisk (*).

List of Current Memorial Scholarships

James Aholt Memorial Scholarship * Rick & Annie Boedeker Scholarship
Julie Doorack Memorial Scholarship * Marion C. Droege Memorial Scholarship *
Louis B. Eckelkamp, Sr., Memorial Scholarship Glen Edler Memorial Scholarship *
Gladys Fields Memorial Scholarship Duane Haddox Memorial Scholarship
Rose and Clarence Hanneken Memorial Scholarship * Ken & Les Holtmeyer Memorial Scholarship *
Donette Jackson-Buenemann Memorial Scholarship * Joe Kaiser Memorial Scholarship *
Knights in Education Paul Kuenzel Memorial Scholarship
Jim McDermott Endowed Scholarship * Jim McDermott Memorial Scholarship
Tudy Meyer Memorial Scholarship (SFBGS) Ella Neier Memorial Scholarship *
Sister Mary Bryan Owens Scholarship * Megan Piontek Memorial Scholarship *
Margaret C. Politte Memorial Scholarship * Jackie Post-Miller Scholarship
Dr. John & Mimi Post Memorial Scholarship * Ratcliff Family Scholarship *
Frances & Merrill Schelich Scholarship   Gregg A. Schelich Memorial Scholarship – (OLL) 
School Sisters of Notre Dame 

SFBRHS Athletic Association

In honor of:

  • Lou Filla (Distinguished Service Award)
  • In honor of Bill Marquart
  • In memory of Ralph Lause
SFBRHS Student Council Scholarship   Kurt Skornia Memorial Scholarship
Kent Skornia Leadership Scholarship  Omar & Rose Tobben Scholarship * 
Elmer & Julia Unnerstall Memorial Scholarship  Walter & Jean Voelkerding Foundation Scholarship 
Ambrose Volmert Family Scholarship