Learning Resources

Learning Consultant

Mr. Alex Piontek, Learning Consultant for St. Francis Borgia Regional High School, serves as a resource to teachers, parents, administrators, and students regarding services for students with mild or moderate learning needs. Mr. Piontek views diagnostic and evaluation reports to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP). In addition, he coordinates special testing arrangements and serves as an advocate of special needs for students and parents.

Eligibility for learning accommodations: Parents of students who may require learning accommodation beyond that of other students at Borgia may request an evaluation to determine learning needs. A parent who believes his/her son or daughter may have learning accommodation needs should contact Mr. Alex Piontek. He will work with the Washington School District to arrange an eligibility evaluation and meeting. Students who are found eligible will proceed to write SEP. Some accommodations may be fulfilled at Borgia, others may require the student to visit Washington High School after school hours to receive additional services.

Students with current documentation of a special need diagnosed by a qualified professional can be afforded reasonable, appropriate accommodations at Borgia. Parents must submit a copy of their child's current evaluation report(s) which must be completed by the diagnosing or treating professional.

ACT Accomodations:  Students with diagnosed disability may have the opportunity to take the ACT with accomodations; however, even with current documentation of a diagnosed special need, there is no guarantee that ACT will approve your request for accomodations.