912 Law For Business and Personal Use

1 semester, ½ credit

Open to juniors and seniors

In this course students will learn how our nation’s laws are formed, the ethics behind those laws, their enforcement, and the difference between crimes and torts. Topics will include Constitutional Rights, Criminal Law and Procedures, Civil Law and Procedures, Contracts, and Employment Law. Students will use case law to understand their rights and responsibilities as a citizen. Current personal and business legal situations will be presented to endeavor to develop habits of thinking concerning legal aspects of one’s acts and relationships. 

Coursework may include guest lectures by members of local police departments,
drug enforcement task agencies, local lawyers and judges. Field trips to police station and to county courthouse may be taken based on circumstances.



By completion of this course, students will be able to...

  1. Improve basic skills, including critical thinking and reasoning, communication, observation, and problem solving.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the roles that law, lawyers, law enforcement. officers, and the legal system play in our democracy
  3. Explain the many vocational opportunities that exist within the legal system.



By completion of this course, students will know...

  1. The fundamental principles and values underlying the U.S. Constitution, laws and legal system
  2. Current issues and controversies relating to law and the legal system
  3. A greater sense of justice, tolerance and fairness



This curriculum last updated on January 27, 2021, the Practical Arts Department.