Junior College Planning Timeline


 Become aware of your own interests, favorite classes, etc. Look at past interest tests, such as the PreACT, or refer to the Student Profile.
 Try to relate these interests to a college major or career.
 If you are unsure of a career path, consider taking another interest test. See your counselor.
 Check the sources of college and career information in the guidance office, including college catalogs, Internet sources, bulletin boards, etc.
 Consider the types of school you want to attend based on important factors like major, size, location, expense, etc. Try to narrow choices down to 3 to 5 by the spring. Be realistic.
 Sign up for college representatives who visit our school during the school year; students are allowed three visits as a junior; sign up a minimum of one day in advance of the college visit. The calendar is posted outside of the Counseling Office and on Naviance.
 Start looking for college/tech school open house days.
 Start saving a portfolio in art or music/theater recordings of your best work.
 Colleges look for challenging coursework; GPA; rank; involvement in extracurricular activities at school, church, and the community; and volunteer work, which is important for scholarships.
 Begin looking for scholarships by exploring www.fastweb.com.


 Register to take the PSAT in September. 
 Continue exploration of careers and colleges.
 Junior individual appointments start this month.
 Take the appropriate test (PSAT, practice ACT) on Test Day.
 Attend the National College Fair


 Include your parents in your college and career planning.


 PSAT scores will be explained to you; share them with your parents.


 Juniors with a 3.5 GPA or who are in the 85th percentile on the PLAN test may want to consider taking the ACT in February. 
 Visit colleges or tech schools.


 ACT test day. We recommend the April and/or June test for most students. See your counselor for your individual recommendation.
 Plan wisely with your parents, advisor, and counselor your courses for senior year.


 March – the registration deadline for the April ACT.


 Consider taking the ACT prep Super-Saturday class. This will include a practice test as well as “instructional sessions” on all four parts of the ACT. The class begins at 8 am and ends at 3:30 pm.


 Begin organizing college and career information into folders, comparing their strengths and weaknesses.


 Try to obtain a summer job that might relate to your career interests.
 Visit college or tech schools over the summer, if possible.
 Try to narrow college/tech school choices down to three by the start of senior year.
 Check out some scholarships online.
 Work on Christian Service hours. Have 75 turned in by the beginning of your senior year.