iPad Program

iPad Program

iPad requirements and expectations

The 1:1 iPad program at St. Francis Borgia Regional High School began in the fall of 2012. The recommendation for all new students is an iPad 6th Gen or later with a minimum of 64 GB of storage. Students need to be vigilant in the management of files such as books, music, videos, games, etc. on their iPad. If necessary, additional storage can be acquired through Apple's iCloud service.

iPads must be with the students and charged at all times during the school day. Messaging, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media apps must be turned off during school hours. iPads must also be turned off during Homeroom prayer, announcements, and Knightly News Live. iPads are to be used for legitimate academic purposes only as determined by the teacher and the administration. Violations will result in disciplinary action.

Google Apps for Education

Each Borgia student has a Google Account associated with the school.  This provides students with a school email account, access to school calendars, a Google Drive, and much more. Students can access their Google accounts from their iPad or any computer with internet access at accounts.google.com.

The email address for a student is firstname.lastname@students.borgia.com. Students are asked to set up this school email account in the Mail app on their iPad and are expected to view any email received on this account daily.  This account should be used by students when emailing teachers, club moderators, and coaches. It is used by the administration to notify students of "Daily Announcements" and to issue notifications regarding detentions.

Students are also encouraged to link the calendar app on the iPad to Borgia's calendars. All school calendars can be viewed on the iPad and other mobile devices. The information needed to set this up is available at Calendar Instructions 2019

Finally, students should install the following Google apps: Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Docs and Google Slides on their iPad.  These apps are provided free in the App Store.

Any students needing assistance setting up the school Gmail account on the Mail app, viewing the school calendars in the Calendar app, or installing the Google apps on the iPad should see Mr. Kevin Arvin, Technology Coordinator, in Room 209.

Required Apps and etextbooks

All students use the following iPad apps in their classes: iMovie, Keynote, Notability, and Pages. iMovie, Keynote and Pages are provided on the iPad when purchased new. iStudiez Pro is an electronic agenda available from the school. This app is optional.

iBooks, iPad apps and other digital content required for each course can be viewed at Digital Resources 2019-2020.  An updated list for required textbooks will be available after August 1 for the 2019-2020 school year. If a textbook is not listed for your class, the teacher will provide this information during your first class period. Most required textbooks will be available as iBooks or iPad apps. Students should download the listed textbooks and applications for the new school year before the first day of school. 

Families are responsible for purchasing these materials. Costs will be kept minimal.


 Last updated by Kevin Arvin, January 5, 2020.