426 Introduction to Algebra II

2 semesters, 1 credit

Open to juniors and seniors

Prerequisites: 410 Algebra I and 421 Introduction to Geometry or 420 Geometry and/or teacher approval

Introduction to Algebra II is a two semester course available to juniors and seniors. It is a second year algebra class designed for students who found Algebra 1 challenging. The course covers many of the Algebra 2 topics, but at a slower pace, with less material at one time, and at a lower difficulty level. A TI-84 graphing calculator is required for this class.


By the completion of this course, students will be able to…

  1. Simplify expressions involving numbers and variables.
  2. Solve equations and inequalities.
  3. Graph linear functions and write their equations.
  4. Solve systems of equations and inequalities.
  5. Simplify and factor polynomials and rational expressions.
  6. Solve polynomials and rational equations.
  7. Solve radical expressions.
  8. Solve polynomial functions.
  9. Identify and graph circles and parabolas.
  10. Evaluate algebraic expressions.
  11. Work with variable expressions. 
  12. Perform various operations on radical expressions.
  13. Solve quadratic equations
  14. Solve one variable, multi-step equations with the distributive property.
  15. Identify functions and linear equations.
  16. Graph using the concept of translation.


By the completion of this course, students will know…

  1. The concepts and representations of lines  
  2. How to solve systems of equations 
  3. How to perform various operations on polynomials    
  4. The concepts of translations


This course last updated on January 27, 2021, by the Math Department.