Independent Study

1 semester, 1/2 credit

Available for seniors only.

“Independent Study” is a one-semester, one-period option available to seniors who have demonstrated good citizenship and responsible academic behavior. This option involves writing a new course personalized just to the student. Rising seniors who request this option must first find a sponsoring teacher who will agree to guide them through the studies and the application process. The application is not complete until it contains all required information and all required signatures. Once approved, the course may be scheduled for a period convenient to the sponsoring teacher. Independent Study is not designed for credit recovery and must be taken during the regular school hours: attendance is required during the scheduled period. Please note that we cannot accommodate healthcare or education independent studies requests since those two classes (Health Care Internship and Education Practicum) already exist in our regular schedule. For health care specialty requests that are not offered in the two classes listed above, exceptions may be made. Up to five independent studies will be granted per year.

Applications are available in the Counseling Office and must be approved before registering for an Independent Study class.


This page last updated August 27, 2019.