530 Honors Biology II

2 semesters, 1 credit (With SLU 1818 option)

Open to juniors and seniors

Prerequisites: Must have taken 526 Advanced Biology I as a freshman, Adv. Physics, Earth, and Space Science as a sophomore, and 532 Chemistry I completed or taken at the same time as a junior, or recommendation of 525 Biology I and 532 Chemistry I teachers. To qualify for the 1818 option through Saint Louis University, a student must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.33.

This is a college level survey of biology. Topics covered in-depth will include molecular biology, genetics, evolutionary patterns, and ecology. Research papers and projects will be required.

This course may be taken for college credit. If a student elects to take this course for college credit (St. Louis University courses BL 1240/1245, 4 credits), an additional fee will apply. Topics covered in this course include cell biology, basic biochemistry, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, genetics, protein synthesis, animal anatomy, and animal development.


By the completion of this course, students will be able to…

  1. Describe the characteristics of all living things.
  2. Show an appreciation for the incredible biological diversity on planet Earth.
  3. Acquire laboratory skills necessary to study biology including the use of microscopy and basic dissection.
  4. Write a college-level biological laboratory report, including an abstract and a review of previous research.
  5. Visualize and describe the different parts of a cell.  
  6. Produce a college-level lab report with tables, charts, graphs, and photographs. 
  7. Perform dissection. 


By the completion of this course, students will know…

  1. The fundamentals of cellular biology  
  2. How organisms obtain and use energy  
  3. The processes of biological inheritance and genetics 
  4. The fundamentals of animal anatomy and development


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