Health & Safety

Child Abuse

Any suspected child abuse will be immediately reported to a counselor. The counselor has the responsibility to report suspicious behavior to the proper authorities.

Closed Campus

Saint Francis Borgia Regional High School operates under a closed campus policy between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. This means that students are not allowed to leave the campus without permission. All doors to the building are locked after 8:00 a.m.  Access to the building during these hours is available through a monitored door in the front. Students and visitors are to enter through this door. Visitors are not permitted in classes or allowed on campus without administrative approval. Visitors must sign in and sign out in the Main Office.

Communicable Diseases

Borgia follows the Archdiocesan High School manual Sec. 4602.31— Communicable Diseases. Contact the high school office for a copy.

Emergency Procedures

The school, in cooperation with the Washington Police and Fire departments, has developed procedures for emergency situations. The school regularly reviews and updates policies. Emergency contact information is maintained in Skyward / Family Access. Please notify the main office whenever corrections or updates are needed. The emergency contact list is also used to release students to adults. Students are not dismissed from school without notification of parents.

It is important that parents do not call the school during school emergencies, because these calls tie up the phone lines and prevent communication with the proper authorities. If parents need to be informed, the local radio stations will be used. Parents can also receive emergency information via text or email through Skylert. Enroll by logging in to Skyward/Family Access. Click on Skylert on the left side of the page. Here you can set up how you would like to be notified if school is called off or if there is an emergency. If you would like to receive a text, please go to the bottom of the page and put in the cell numbers that you would like to receive texts. This is the same system used for snow days. If evacuation is necessary, the students will be taken to the Knights of Columbus Hall. They will remain there until excused. Students may not leave without permission from an administrator.

Fire, Tornado, Earthquake, and Intruder Drills

Emergency drills are scheduled on a regular basis. Fire and tornado drill routes are posted in each classroom. When the fire alarm rings, students should leave rooms quickly, quietly, and in an orderly manner. Classroom doors need not be closed. Tornado drill procedure is to move to the corridor or bathrooms on the ground floor or the music room and music corridor on the main floor; the fire doors at both ends should be closed. The signal for the tornado drill will be given verbally over the P.A. system. For both drills, absolute silence is a necessity. An earthquake alert will be given over the P.A. system. If it is necessary to evacuate, a hand bell signal will sound. Follow the fire drill route and report to the assigned areas away from school structures. Intruder drills will always be acknowledged as “drills” – there will be no unannounced or “surprise” intruder drills.

Health & Immunization Records

State law now requires all students to be immunized within state requirements at the time of enrollment. All freshmen must have their physical forms, listing all immunizations, completed and turned in to the Main Office before the first day of school. Students may not be allowed to begin school if they are not fully immunized as required by state law. Any sophomore, junior, or senior who is not in compliance with state requirements will be notified. These students will need to receive the required immunizations during the summer.

Illness or Injury During School

A student who is too ill to remain in class must report to the Health Office on days when the nurse is here. When the nurse is not here, the student must report to the Main Office. If, after a time, the student feels no better, parents are called for permission for the student to go home. No student will be allowed to leave unless permission is given from a parent or guardian. Prescription medications may be administered only by a trained staff member, and only if a physician’s order and parent signature is on record in the Health Room.


Student accident insurance is available to any family in our school who may be interested.  This coverage is recommended for families who do not have health insurance for their student. This coverage is offered through K&K Insurance Group, Inc. a company that has been dealing with student accident insurance for many years. The plans are underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, an A.M. Best A+ “Superior” rated carrier. To find more information about the program, access K&K’s website at Online enrollment is also available at this site. You can also obtain printed information through the school office.  Football coverage is also an option with this insurance.


Prescription medicine should not be carried by the student. Persons trained to dispense medications are in the Health Room and Main Office. Prescription medications should be turned in to one of these locations in their original prescription container including the doctor’s specific written instructions for dispensing.  A doctor’s written order as well as parental permission is required to dispense these medications.

A “Request and Release Self-Administration of Medication by the Student” form needs to be completed by the physician and the parent and must be kept on file in the Health Room or  Main Office if the student:

  • Carries an Inhaler
  • Has an Insulin Pump
  • Carries an EpiPen
  • Takes any Prescription Medication on a regular basis


Pregnancy of a student enrolled at Borgia will be handled on an individual basis with the student’s and baby’s best interest in mind. The school will assist the young woman in obtaining ongoing counseling throughout the pregnancy and aid her in completing her education. If students choose to marry, they forfeit the right to attend a Catholic high school.

Substance Abuse Policy

Through our curriculum, faith development, student activities, counseling services, referrals, and the overall implementation of our mission, St. Francis Borgia Regional High School strives to educate, prevent, and intervene when necessary to ensure that our students are healthy and safe.

Under present federal and state laws, the possession/use/transfer of non-prescribed drugs and alcohol by teenagers is illegal.

If a student is found in possession of an illegal substance on campus or at a school-sponsored event, the administration will notify the police. The administration will not necessarily contact the parents in this event. The parents will be contacted by the civil authorities. MSHSAA rules govern the extracurricular eligibility of students in regards to criminal cases.


A. “For Cause” Substance Abuse Screening Policy: When a student’s behavior appears to be “at risk,” drugs and alcohol need to be ruled out first as the primary cause for this behavior. Breathalyzer tests, hair tests, or urine tests may be used. Students may be tested for any of the following reasons at any school event:

  1. Unsatisfactory performance or behavior at any given time
  2. Excessive preoccupation with drugs or alcohol
  3. Behavior consistent with being under the influence
  4. Being in possession of drugs or alcohol
  5. Excessive absences and/or tardies
  6. Any significant academic or behavioral change
  7. Suspicion based on evidence gathered in an investigation

Once these possibilities are ruled out, other avenues can be explored.

B. Random Drug Screening: Students experiment with drugs for a variety of reasons. We believe the institution of a random drug screening will make it easier for students to make good choices about their health and well-being.

  1. A minimum of 25% of the student body will be randomly tested by the end of each school year.
  2. Depending on the size of the student body, eight or more students will be tested every two weeks.
  3. The school nurse will be Borgia’s collector of hair samples. The vice principal may also collect when needed.
  4. Usually hair is collected from the crown of the head. The amount collected is about the thickness of the tip of a shoe lace. Hair can be collected from other places on the body, such as arms and legs, but never private areas.
  5. If a positive test is believed by the family or guardian to be caused by a prescription drug, a copy of the prescription must be given to the vice principal.
  6. The president, principal, vice principal and anyone else deemed necessary by administration will be notified of positive test results.
  7. For either a positive test or admission of guilt, the vice principal will set up a meeting with the guardian(s) and the student. The student will then be subject to the Substance Abuse Action Plan.
  8. After a student is tested, his or her name will be put back in the pool of names. A student may be randomly selected to be tested more than once in a school year.

C. Alcohol Testing

Alcohol is not a substance that is detected in the hair test. If a student is suspected of being intoxicated, a breathalyzer or urine test will be performed. The Substance Abuse Action Plan will be used if a test is positive, if there is an admission of guilt, or if other evidence suggests the student is or has been using alcohol.

Substance Abuse Action Plan:

1. 1st positive test, possession or admission of use – The student will be put on a Substance Abuse Plan which will include the following:

  • The student must see an outside-school counselor for an assessment. He or she must follow the recommendation made by the counselor. The student should also sign a release of information to allow the counselor to verify attendance of counseling sessions and discussion of incident with the school.
  • The student will receive 24 hours of discipline service to be served at St. Francis Borgia Regional High School or another approved organization.
  • The student will write four essays (standard five paragraphs) concerning substance abuse. Topic suggestions can be obtained from or suggested by administration.
  • The student will be retested in 100 days.

2. 2nd positive test, possession or admission of use (any time in career of student) – The student will be put on a Substance Abuse Plan which will include the following:

  • The student will be reassessed by the same counselor from the previous positive test. He or she must follow the recommendation made by the counselor.
  • The student will be assigned a staff mentor to discuss issues weekly until the next test.
  • The student will design and complete a 40 hour service project to be approved by the administration. 
  • The student will be put on a Discipline / Attendance contract.
  • The student will be ineligible for competitions in extracurricular activities for a minimum of three weeks (at least two competitions). The student must show considerable progress toward the service project to be re-granted eligibility.
  • The student will be retested in 100 days.

3. 3rd positive test, possession or admission of use (any time in career of student) – The student will be dismissed from St. Francis Borgia Regional High School.

4. All requirements of the specified Action Plan must be met by the student in 100 days or extra discipline may be added. This includes eligibility in extra-curricular activities.

5. All students with a positive test or admission of use will be retested in 100 days. This test is paid for by the   parents or guardians. If the test is negative, the student will be put back in the random test population.

6. Free counseling is provided through the following organizations – Preferred Family Healthcare, the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NCADA) – St. Louis Metro Area, and Foundations for Franklin County. Contact information is available from the vice principal. Parents may also find outside counseling.

Substance Abuse Education Programs:

  • Physical Education / Health course topics covered by NCADA presenters – alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, pharmacology, addiction / carefrontation
  • Franklin County Sheriff’s Department presentation to juniors
  • Addiction presentation to juniors
  • Healthy Lifestyles Program for area 8th graders presented by select juniors and seniors


To provide a safe environment, St. Francis Borgia Regional High School strictly prohibits the possession of any weapon on the school’s property, including the buildings, parking areas, athletic fields, buses, and other premises.