608 Guitar

1 semester, ½ credit

Open to all students

This course is designed for beginning guitarists and is not recommended for students who already can play guitar.  It will cover the basic workings of a guitar and how to keep it in playing condition.  The class will cover basic music theory, proper playing technique, various strumming styles, basic finger playing technique, and how to read music (standard notation/tablature).  Students must provide their own acoustic guitar, case, tuner, and guitar picks. 



By the completion of this course, student will be able to...

  1. Demonstrate basic music theory.
  2. Demonstrate proper playing posture.
  3. Tune using an electric tuner.
  4. Tune using relative tuning.
  5. Play melodies in first positions on all strings.
  6. Play chords in the keys of Gmaj and Cmaj.
  7. Play in a small ensemble.
  8. Change a broken string.
  9. Play simple bass guitar patterns.



By the completion of this course, students will know...

  1. Parts of an acoustic guitar and bass guitar
  2. Basic music theory concepts and terms
  3. How to read an electric tuner
  4. How to read standard notation
  5. How to read tablature
  6. How to read chord symbols
  7. The different chords in the keys of Gmaj and Cmaj


This curriculum last updated on August 26, 2019, by the Fine Arts Department.