Graduation Requirements

Subject                                       Credits                    Notes                             
Theology 4  
English 4  
Math 3  
United States History 2  
World History 2  
Science 3 Must include 1 credit Biology, 1 credit Physics, Earth, & Space Science and 1 credit Chemistry/Practical Chemistry
Foreign Language, Success Skills or English Skills 2  

Physical Education



Practical Arts 1 1/2 credit must be Personal Finance 
Fine Arts 1 1/2 credit must be Speech 
Electives 7  
Required credits 30  

Beginning with the class of 2022 a full credit of US History and full credit of a Social Studies elective will be required.

Beginning with the class of 2024 a full credit of PE & 1/2 Credit of Health.

Students have the option of taking two additional credits for a total of 32 potential credit hours prior to graduation.

Christian Service Requirement: All students are required to perform a minimum of 25 Christian Service hours per year.

Closed Retreat: Any senior wishing to participate in graduation must have made a closed retreat some time during his/her junior or senior year.

Transfer & External Credit: Transfer credits from an accredited school will be accepted and the grades converted to Borgia’s grading scale. Credits from non-accredited schools and home school credits will be evaluated by the principal to determine if credits are acceptable. These grades may be transferred as pass/fail. The principal must approve all external credits in advance.