Grade Book Policy

St. Francis Borgia High School Grade Book Policy2016/2017

Teachers at St. Francis Borgia Regional High School are committed to recording the grades earned by students that best represent their level of knowledge and ability. In addition, teachers are mindful of the importance of fostering student work ethic and responsibility as key components in academic success. To this end, we adhere to these policies:

Policy #1: At St. Francis Borgia Regional High School, grades are based on summative marks that measure student achievement.

Policy #2: At St. Francis Borgia Regional High School, when teachers do not utilize built-in reassessments, teachers allow students who have diligently prepared for an assessment, yet failed (D & F range), to achieve proficiency. Students may reassess, one time, to increase a score up to a maximum of a C-, within the time limit determined by the teacher and student (not to exceed 3 class meetings). In college courses or AP® classes, reassessment is at the discretion of the teacher.

Policy #3: At St. Francis Borgia Regional High School, zeroes in the gradebook represent a missing assignment/assessment; however, teachers accept and grade this work for up to full credit when received within 3 class meetings for a legitimate excuse. Students who fail to submit their assignment/assessment with a valid excuse may receive mandatory seminar, detention and/or be assigned to Academic Hall until the assignment/assessment is submitted. Without a legitimate excuse, or for students who have failed to turn in their work within the 3 class meeting timeframe, teachers may limit the maximum score to a C-. Students who have multiple missing assignments/assessments in a class, or students who have multiple classes with missing assignments/assessments, will be dealt with at the administrative level with an academic contract.

Policy #4: At St. Francis Borgia Regional High School, teachers provide study guides, learning goals, or rubrics that define mastery for summative assessments.