312 German II

2 semesters, 1 credit

Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors

Prerequisites: Two semesters of credit from German One.

In German II, vocabulary, grammar, reading, and speaking skills are expanded from the knowledge gained in German 1: sentence patterns, objective case, present perfect and future tenses, and irregular verb usage.  Emphasis is placed on oral and written communications skills of everyday life experiences and cultural aspects of Austria and Switzerland.


By the completion of this course, students will be able to…

  1. Conjugate regular and some irregular present tense verbs.
  2. Change verb tenses to the future tense and present perfect tense.
  3. Communicate with vocabulary concerning shopping, rooms and contents of a building, special occasions, hobbies, entertainment, sports, body parts, means of transportation, travel, household tasks, musical instruments, dances, and giving and following directions.
  4. Apply vocabulary to oral, written and listening activities.
  5. Recognize the cultural activities of cities, states and sites of significant interest in Austria and Switzerland.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of historical facts and figures, saints, and prayers of Austria and Switzerland.
  7. Conjugate present, future, and present perfect tense German verbs.
  8. Correctly comprehend and use German word order.


By the completion of this course, students will know…

  1. German vocabulary, while writing, reading, listening, and speaking
  2. Basic German grammar 

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