Fundraising Policy

Fundraising PolicyAll school-related fundraising proposals must be submitted to the Activities Director and approved by the President. The Activities Director and the President reserve the right to accept or deny any fundraising proposals.

All fundraisers occurring on an annual basis that have been previously approved by the Activities Director or President must be resubmitted for approval annually.

All fundraising organizations bear the responsibility of notifying the Activities Director of the dates and details of their events to ensure the events are placed on the school calendar.

All fundraisers held by any school organization or class must have approval by the Activities Director and President. No correspondence may be sent to school families concerning fundraisers that have not received approval. The President must give permission to distribute any correspondence for approved fundraisers.

The following criteria will be considered before approval is granted:

1. School fundraisers receive top priority. It is imperative that we have all-school fundraisers to keep tuition at an affordable rate. Students should not participate in their sport, club, or organization fundraising unless they have completed their school fundraising efforts first. The school reserves the right to collect fundraising funds for an individual student before it can benefit a club or organization’s fundraising efforts if the student’s school fundraising commitment has not been met.  

2. Fundraisers should not overlap in timing or method.

3. Fundraising efforts should be kept to a minimum.