Foods & Nutrition Resources

Ask the Dietitian
In this site, Joanne Larsen M.S., R.D. registered dietitian, advises about topics related to diet and foods covering 61 topics such as Alcohol, Caffeine, Diabetes, Exercise, Junk Foods, etc. It also provides links to a Healthy Body Calculator and a Healthy Kids Calculator.

The Blonz Guide: Nutrition, Food and Health Resources 
This is a directory of websites and other Internet resources relating to nutrition and food science, compiled by a renowned expert whose aim is to present reliable health information objectively.

Calorie Control Council     
This site is designed primarily as an educational resource to provide news and information about calorie control, weight loss, and low-calorie and reduced-fat foods and beverages, from a “non-profit association representing the low-calorie and reduced-fat food and beverage industry.”

Center for Food Safety
This site provides information about the CFS that is fighting the industrial model and promoting organic, ecological, and sustainable alternatives.
This site provides updated "independent testing results about health, nutrition, and wellness products to consumers and healthcare providers." The site provides background and basic testing and results of herbals, vitamins, minerals, other supplements.

Diet & Weight Management
This site provides information on healthy eating and weight management.

Epicurious: Seasonal Cooking 
This site provides a collection of resources for seasonal and local cooking, including seasonal ingredients, a peak season ingredient map for the U.S., visual introductions to foods such as peppers and mushrooms, farmer blog, and recipes. From Epicurious Magazine. 

Food Timeline: Food History Research Tips
This site provides helpful advice and tips about how to conduct research on particular foods. Includes a list of "Tools of the Trade" and a glossary. 

Harvest of Fear 
This site explores "the intensifying debate over genetically-modified (gm) food crops. Interviewing scientists, farmers, biotech and food industry representatives, and government regulations. 

How Do I? ... Freeze 
This site contains an extensive list of freezing recommendations for specific foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fresh herbs, and prepared foods.

Food Holidays and Parties
This site provides recipes and menus for whatever holiday is around the corner. Cooks will appreciate the comments and reviews from other readers. 

MedlinePlus: Vegetarian Diet 
This site is a compilation of links to resources, mostly from federal government agencies, about vegetarian diets including vegan (excludes all meat and animal products), lacto vegetarian (includes plant and dairy foods), and lacto-ovo vegetarian (plant, egg, and dairy foods).

Nutrient Data Laboratory 
This site is sponsored by the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and provides detailed information about the nutritional values of more than a thousand foods here. Users may search by individual food, including many brand-name products, or by nutrients.

Nutrition Action Healthletter: Center for Science in the Public Interest
This monthly digital newsletter is published 10 times a year to provide unbiased, science-based advice on nutrition and health.

The Organic Center 
This advocacy site for organic farming features articles and reports on subjects such as pesticides in foods, nutritional quality, antioxidants, and food safety. It also provides links to related sites.

PBS Food
This site pulls together the best articles, videos, and recipes from across public television and present them here.

The World's Healthiest Foods List, A-Z 
This site profiles foods selected on the basis of their nutrient density ("a measure of the amount of nutrients a food contains in comparison to the number of calories") and being whole, familiar, readily available, and affordable.