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From Food Service Consultants website:

Food Service Consultants is especially proud of our history of serving educational institutions here in the St. Louis area. The company originally started with (16) sixteen private Catholic schools, all of which we still serve today, and now proudly serves over (60) sixty schools of all religious and non-religious orders. We take great pride in the fact that we serve more private educational institutions in the St. Louis area than any other company.

We realize how important the food service program is to each of the schools that we serve, and that it plays a major role in the overall school experience. We have developed specific “menu concepts” for elementary, high school, and college students. Each of these programs is designed to meet the specific needs of these children and young adults. We allow our clients to choose which program will best fit their overall needs. Most of our accounts feature the food prepared “on-site” by our dedicated staff. However, over the past few years, we have been able to design a “satellite” program, which has helped us to serve those schools with fewer students or limited kitchen facilities that are in much need of quality foodservice.

Food Service Consultants fully understands the importance and emphasis that is being placed on healthy eating in today’s society. More and more students, parents, and adults everywhere are becoming more health-conscious, want to learn more, and are looking for ways to make better food choices. We are dedicated to offering and promoting healthy menu items at all of the accounts that we serve. Our “Healthy Habits” Nutritional Awareness Program was developed with this philosophy in mind. The program features menus that have been developed by our management team and verified by our consulting dieticians. They are designed to help meet the USDA recommendations for caloric content, as well as, the guidelines of the Archdiocese of St. Louis Individual School Wellness Plan.

Our Goal & Commitment is to;

  • Consistently provide and make available a wide variety of nutritious food items in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction
  • Help educate and inform the students, parents, faculty, staff, residents, and employees as to the nutritional value of the foods that are eaten daily
  • Place special emphasis on how foods are prepared, served, and presented in the cafeteria
  • Maintain an ongoing program of communication with those that we serve, making them aware of the food items we offer, and demonstrating our concern about nutrition
  • Setting nutritional operating standards and remain flexible to new ideas and the most current foodservice trends on an ongoing basis

Adding Funds to Lunch Accounts

Funds may be added to lunch accounts via PayPal (, cash, or check (made out to Food Service Consultants, Inc.).  Cash and checks should be in an envelope, with the student's name and "Lunch Money" written on the front or on the Memo line of the check, and may be dropped off in the main office or cafeteria.  You may write one check for multiple students and the funds will be evenly distributed unless otherwise indicated.  Please also note that PayPal will deduct a small fee from the amount added to the account.

Menu Prices


Food and drink are permitted only in the cafeteria. Students may not bring food or beverages outside the cafeteria. Violators will be subject to detention. (EXCEPTION: Seniors have permission to eat lunch on the patio area east of the cafeteria.) Students who are in the academic wings during their assigned lunch mod may receive a detention. Only cafeteria restrooms should be used during lunches.


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