920 Marketing II

1 semester, 1/2 credit

Open to juniors and seniors

Prerequisite: 919 Marketing I

This class expands the concepts studied and utilized in Marketing I. The emphasis in this class is project based learning involving International Marketing, Marketing to Teenagers, Economics and Marketing, and Marketing as a profession.


Be completion of this course, students will be able to...

  1. Construct digital marketing tools.
  2. Explain how understanding economics improves marketing efforts.
  3. Discuss the benefits and costs of international marketing.
  4. Explain the teen demographic and how advertisers market to them.
  5. Construct a marketing portfolio.
  6. Develop a marketing plan.
  7. Demonstrate a working knowledge of career fields in marketing.



By completion of this course, students will know...

  1. How market research is used
  2. Basic economic principals
  3. How to research highly defined target markets
  4. How current market research is collected
  5. How to monetize a website
  6. The realities of social media and marketing
  7. A working knowledge of how international markets operate


This curriculum last updated January 27, 2021, by the Practical Arts Department.