901 Education Practicum

1 semester, ½ credit

Open to juniors and seniors

Prerequisite: Students must fill out the Education Practicum application and be approved by the administration and counseling department. In addition, students must be enrolled in the A+ program and have a minimum of 10 approved A+ hours before being accepted into this class. This course is Pass/Fail.

In the Education Practicum, students will be placed in area grade schools or SFBRHS based on need, availability and interest.  They will either tutor/mentor peers under the direction of the learning consultant and the lead teacher of a specific course at SFBRHS, or they will tutor/mentor elementary-aged students in one of the area parochial grade schools.

Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

  • helping students get to class on time with their needed material
  • helping students with note-taking
  • helping students stay on task
  • assisting students with organization
  • helping students with classwork
  • helping teachers with gym and/or recess

Students are monitored and given guidance and direction by the Education Practicum coordinator, classroom teachers, counselors, and grade school staff.  Education Practicum students will be a valuable asset in the classroom and play a vital role in personal growth and development of the students with whom they work. Education Practicum students will gain valuable skills in communication, the educational process, and student tutoring/mentoring. Some involvement outside the classroom may be required.  A maximum of 40 A+ Scholarship Program hours may be earned through this course; however, these hours may not be used for the Christian Service graduation requirement.

If students are assigned to area grade schools, transportation is the responsibility of the student.

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