Conduct & Discipline

Assembly Conduct

At all times, Borgia students’ behavior should be refined and courteous. Each individual is responsible for the impression made by the school as a whole. Unacceptable conduct includes whistling, inappropriate applause, boisterousness, and talking during the program. Students must sit in the sections provided for their homerooms. Inappropriate conduct is subject to discipline by the homeroom moderator, or by the vice principal if the misbehavior is deemed serious.

Beverage Containers

The only beverage containers permitted in the Academic wing of the building are clear and colorless water bottles. Any student violating this rule is subject to a detention. 

Common Infractions Warranting Discipline

  • Tardy to school or class
  • Leaving class early or without permission
  • Cell phone use
  • Inappropriate or disruptive behavior
  • Doing other work in class
  • Failure to complete homework
  • Missed seminar
  • Food or drink in the classroom or hallways
  • Inappropriate use of technology – ex. social media, games, etc
  • Inappropriate language
  • Sleeping in class
  • Failure to serve detention
  • Uniform or casual day violations – see Uniform in Student Life
  • Deception or lying
  • Vandalism
  • Disrespect of fellow student, faculty, or staff
  • Reckless driving or parking violation
  • Cheating or facilitating cheating
  • Using the elevator without permission
  • Failure to return borrowed equipment
  • Fighting
  • Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco – see Substance Abuse Policy in Student Life
  • Theft

Discipline Code

In developing the discipline code for Saint Francis Borgia Regional High School, we have included those aspects of discipline which we believe are absolutely essential for an effective, productive learning atmosphere and for our success as an educational institution. We have based our code on a simple premise: STUDENTS HAVE A RIGHT TO LEARN. TEACHERS HAVE A RIGHT TO TEACH. BOTH ARE ENTITLED TO AN ATMOSPHERE IN WHICH THIS CAN HAPPEN.

Behavior that is unbecoming to Christian decency, behavior that is injurious to the health and well being of others, and behavior that disrupts the educational process are unacceptable. Possible consequences for behavior that is not in accord with our discipline code are DETENTION, SUSPENSION, PROBATION, and EXPULSION. Students are subject to these penalties during the school day, at school functions–home or away–and when on school property at any time.

SFBRHS Discipline 2019-2020
Students attending SFBRHS are expected to follow, and understand , the guidelines set forth in the student handbook. The table below outlines many common infractions, and the consequences associated with them. Please keep in mind that not every disciplinary infraction is listed.  SFBRHS administration will address special situations with students, parents, and faculty on an individual basis when appropriate.Students attending SFBRHS are expected to follow, and understand , the guidelines set forth in the student handbook. The table below outlines many common infractions, and the consequences associated with them. Please keep in mind that not every disciplinary infraction is listed.  SFBRHS administration will address special situations with students, parents, and faculty on an individual basis when appropriate.


Infraction Consequence
Academic Dishonesty: Cheating or Plagiarism One After School Detention to Multiple Saturday Detentions (Teachers will be consulted to determine appropriate consequences)
Failure to Attend Seminar One After School Detention
failure to Complete E-Learning Day Assignment One After School Detention Per Missing Assignment
Missing Homework One After School Detention
Unprepared For Class One After School Detention


Infraction Consequence
Accumulation of 5 Tardies to School or Class (Excused or Unexcused) One After School Detention
Unexcused Absence One Saturday Detention Per Missed Class Period
Unexcused Tardy (Defined as no call from parent/guardian to excuse tardy to school. Tardiness to class may only be excused by a faculty member.) One After School Detention


Infraction Consequence
Accumulation of 5 Infractions (Other Than Tardies) One Saturday Detention
Class Disruption One After School Detention (Minimum)
Inappropriate Behavior One After School Detention (Minimum)
Inappropriate Language One After School Detention (Minimum)
Missed Detention One Additional Detention (1st & 2nd Offense. Saturday Detentions will Be Assigned For 3+ Missed Detentions)

Dress Code

Infraction Consequence
Out of Uniform (No Belt, Untucked Shirt, Unshaven, Non-Uniform Shirt/Pants, Altered Skirt) One After School Detention

Substance Abuse

Infraction Consequence
Consumption/Possession of Alcohol Substance Abuse Contract (Terms of Contract Will Be Discussed Individually  With Each Student/Parent/Guardian.
Possession of Tobacco or Electronic Vaping Device Two Saturday Detentions (First Offense Minimum)

DETENTION: The vice principal will inform students when they are required to report to detention. Detentions are generally assigned the day after the detention is given. Games, meetings, practices, performances, work, and bus service WILL NOT be allowed to interfere with detention. Failure to show up for a detention will result in a penalty of two detentions. Any student who receives detention must arrive in the assigned room by 3:05 pm. Detention lasts one hour. While serving detention, students are not allowed to talk. They must remain seated and will not be allowed to leave the room for any reason. Students who receive five detentions in one semester must, in addition, serve a Saturday morning detention from 8:00 to 11:00 am. Parents will be informed of any Saturday detention issued to their child.

SATURDAY DETENTION: Detentions will last from 8:00 am until 11:00 am. Students must arrive early at the front door of the school. The faculty member in charge of the detention will meet students at the front door of the school by 7:55 am. There will be no excuses for lateness or for missing this assigned detention.


  1. Student will not be allowed to sleep.
  2. Student will not be allowed to talk.
  3. Student will not be allowed to use any electronic device.
  4. Student may read a book or work on any school work that does not require an electronic device.
  5. Student must remain seated at all times.
  6. Student must be in school uniform.
  7. Student must not cause any sort of disruption.
  8. Student must serve on each of the specified dates.
  9. When needed, students may be expected to perform service.

Should any of these stipulations be violated, the offending student will be told to leave and may receive two additional detentions (including Saturdays).

PROBATION: The vice principal may place students on disciplinary or attendance probation in conjunction with the administration. When placed on probation, a student will be required to sign a behavioral contract agreeing to specific outlined terms. Failure of the student to follow these terms will result in consequences ranging from a specific penalty to expulsion.

EXPULSION: The administration reserves the right to expel any student whose behavior warrants the termination of his/her enrollment at Borgia.


  1. Any student who arrives in a classroom without a written excuse after the second bell has finished ringing should be sent to the main office to be marked TARDY and is subject to a period of DETENTION of one hour on the day following the tardy. Games, meetings, practices, performances, work, and bus service WILL NOT be allowed to interfere with this detention. Teachers ARE NOT PERMITTED to detain students unless they give them a written excuse to return to class.
  2. Any student who SKIPS a class day or a class or leaves the school grounds without permission from the office will be placed on probation and subject to one Saturday for every period skipped.
  3. If a student appears in class out of uniform, he/she will be subject to DETENTION.
  4. After a fifth excused tardy or absence of a particular class, the student may be assigned a detention for each successive absence.

Tardy students MUST be sent to the office to be marked tardy and given a detention and a pass back to class.


  1. Each classroom teacher is expected to explain to the students at the beginning of the course the kind of behavior and performance expected in that course. The teacher is also expected to be firm, fair, and consistent in demanding desired behavior and performance from all students in that class. The classroom teacher will handle any DISRUPTION of the desired classroom climate with the student in private conference. A phone call or conference with the parents may result. Teachers may use their discretion to determine the consequence for disruption of class. Students who fail to complete assigned consequences will be subject to three periods of detention in addition to completing the assigned consequence. Teachers are encouraged to report early to parents if discipline problems are developing.
  2. If a student continues to SERIOUSLY DISRUPT the learning process, he/she will be removed from that class under the supervision of the vice principal. The vice principal will then arrange for the necessary communication among the student, parents, and teacher to affect positive change in the behavior of the student. The student will remain out of that class, without credit, until the vice principal is satisfied that the necessary behavior changes will occur. In all cases of serious disruption of classes, the vice principal will determine the punishment.


  1. Behavior outside the classroom that in any way interrupts classroom procedures or reflects attitudes of disregard or disrespect for school rules and regulations or is contrary to acceptable standards of behavior, will be directly handled by the vice principal.
  2. Disrespect, discourtesy, vulgarity or obscenity, gambling, prejudicial statements or actions, public display of affection, excessive noise, misuse of privileges or the abuse of any person or thing will be handled by the vice principal on an individual basis.
  3. Sexual harassment is defined as instances of words (oral or written), gestures, and/or touching directed toward another person that are sexual in content or connotation and that are uninvited and offensive. Such instances will be addressed using appropriate disciplinary consequences, counseling methods, and parental/guardian contact and involvement in accordance with the nature and frequency of the offense.

SERIOUS VIOLATIONS: Serious behavioral violations (sexual harassment, vandalism, stealing, reckless driving on school property, fireworks, fighting, weapons, etc.) are considered to be not only disruptive but also dangerous. Therefore, these situations will be handled directly by the vice principal and will be treated more seriously than other infractions. Punishments for these violations will range from Saturday detentions to suspension. It is absolutely necessary to keep in mind that EXPULSION is always an option in the case of serious offenses. The vice principal will make every effort to work with parents to prevent serious behavioral problems.

Disciplinary Appeals Board

Occasionally, extenuating circumstances may affect a conduct violation. If a student feels that a punishment is too severe, an appeal may be made to the Student-Faculty Appeals Board. The board, comprised of the student council officers and three faculty members, meets when a student appeals a decision. The disciplined student must petition the board in writing within one week after the consequence has been determined by the administration.

The board will assemble as soon as possible to hear the arguments of the student and the vice principal. The board will then present its decision and the rationale, in writing, to the rest of the administration. The administration will then present its final decision and rationale, in writing, to the Appeals Board. Members of the administration may observe the hearing, but do not take an active part in it.

Disciplinary Probation

At the end of the year, the disciplinary record of each student is reviewed by the administration. Students who have shown repeated disciplinary or attitudinal problems will be placed on probation. Conditions and length of probation will be determined on an individual basis. Students who do not show a marked improvement in the following year will be asked to withdraw from Saint Francis Borgia Regional High School.


No food or drink is allowed in the chapel, computer labs, library, music room, theater, or hallways. Food may be allowed in the Academic wing if permission has been granted by the classroom teacher. Any student violating this rule is subject to a detention. 

Tobacco / Nicotine

Smoking, vaping, or possession of cigarettes or electronic cigarettes or any other form of tobacco / nicotine is prohibited on school property or at any school functions, home or away. Infractions will result in a penalty ranging from Saturday detentions to expulsion.
1. First Offense……………...two Saturdays and parents notified
2. Second Offense………….eight Saturdays and a meeting with parents
3. Third Offense………….….to be determined on an individual basis