St. Francis Borgia High School ClubsThe faculty at St. Francis Borgia  Regional High School sponsor a variety of clubs and encourage students to participate in these clubs to explore their interests, to seek avenues of self-expression and to develop leadership skills. Academic Clubs encourage students to explore ways to grow intellectually by participating in book discussions or competing in scholastic competitions. Fine Arts Clubs allow students to explore their interest in theater, music and art. The Language Clubs seek to explore the culture and history of Germany, Spain, Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. Many clubs are based on exploring our Catholic faith, developing a commitment to serve others and helping students to grow spiritually. Still other clubs explore healthy life choices and a variety of other interests. Students also have an opportunity to participate in Athletic Clubs where they can benefit from physical activity.

Students are limited to choosing three clubs in which they would like to participate.  Appeals to this policy must be brought to the principal.