Biology Resources

This site is an information system for amphibian conservation biology.  The database is searchable by genus, species, family, order, or common name.  Entries include photographs, conservation status, description, distribution and habitat, trends and threats, and bibliographic references.

Subject: Life Sciences--Zoology--Reptiles & Amphibians

Animal Diversity Web 
This is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology hosted by the University of Michigan.

Subject: Life Sciences--Zoology

Biological Anthropology Tutorials
This site contains tutorials from Palomar College, San Marcos, California, on the mechanisms of biological evolution, genetic inheritance, human adaptability and variation, primatology, and the fossil record of human evolution.

Subject: Life Sciences

Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture
This website, sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, contains a range of features on the role and impact of biotechnology in food and agriculture.

Subject: Life Sciences--Biotechnology; Agriculture & Aquaculture

Birds Links to the World 
This site provides links to information and resources on birds that can be browsed by geographical regions or bird species. Links to some images and sounds of the bird species, as well as quizzes, newsgroups and assorted resources are also available.

Subject: Life Sciences--Zoology--Birds

Cells Alive! 
This site provides multimedia that explains cell-level biology. Includes graphics and text on plant cells, animal cells, mitochondria, and various diseases. This site represents 30 years of capturing film and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms for education and medical research. A stock video library of animated and still images is available as well as worksheets, interactive puzzles and study aids for both animal and plant cells.

Subject: Life Sciences--Microbiology; Life Sciences--Cell Biology

This website is an online travel and adventure guide to the American Southwest. DesertUSA's purpose is to provide a tool for discovery about desert biomes and details about how plants and animals adapt to the harsh desert environment. It contains images, stories, movie and audio clips about life in the desert. 

Subject: Life Sciences; Travel & Tourism--North America--United States Travel & Tourism

Freshwater and Marine Image Bank 
This site features an ongoing global digital collection of images related to freshwater and marine topics, in all their diversity. It includes images of fish, shellfish, and marine mammals, pictures of fish hatcheries and dams and vessels, materials related to polar exploration, regional and traditional fisheries, and limnologic (freshwater) subjects.

Subject: Life Sciences--Zoology--Fish & Other Marine Life; Transportation--Water; Life Sciences--Marine Biology

Genetic Science Learning Center 
This extensive primer on genetics and genetic technology includes lessons on the basics of genetics, genetic disorders, cloning, pharmacogenomics, and gene therapy. The site also provides virtual molecular genetics lab experiments, as well as protocols for at-home experiments and lesson plans for teachers.  Flash is needed for some features.

Subject: Life Sciences--Genetics

Missouri Botanical Garden
This web site is a very good resource for information on integrated pest management for fruits, vegetables, trees, evergreens, and lawns. In addition, the site is useful for gardeners who like to travel to botanical gardens. This site provides lots of images of the Missouri Botanical Garden and a complete listing of "Plants in Bloom" by month.

Subject: Life Sciences--Plant Biology (Botany)

National Library of Medicine 
The NLM is the world's largest biomedical library. This website provides information about all of its major programs, including medical research, medical history, biotechnology, and HIV/AIDS resources. A wide variety of medical information is searchable for both professionals and consumers, including access to databases (e.g. MEDLINE and GenBank). 

Subject: Life Sciences; Libraries--Libraries Around The World - News and Articles on Science and Technology 
This site is a leading web-based science, research and technology news service which covers a full range of topics. These include physics, earth science, medicine, nanotechnology, electronics, space, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, mathematics and other sciences and technologies.

Subject: Life Sciences; Chemical Sciences (Chemistry); Physics; Astronomy

Smithsonian National Zooligical Park 
This site provides a wide range of information about the zoo and its work including an animal index and photo gallery, animal webcams, and extensive information about their conservation and science initiatives. The website also provides classroom resources.

Subject: Life Sciences--Zoology

University of California Museum of Paleontology 
This site sponsored by the University Of California Museum Of Paleontology provides links to their online exhibits "about the history of life on Earth."

Subject: Life Sciences; Earth Sciences--Geosciences (Geology & Geophysics); Paleontology

World Wildlife Fund Endangered Species 
This site gives information about the World Wildlife Fund's efforts to protect various endangered species and provides reports on the status of key endangered species.

Subject: Life Sciences--Zoology