Bell Schedules

School Hours

The official hours school is open are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The school does not provide supervision beyond these hours except for specified school-related activities.  Students who must be on campus before or after these hours should remain in the main lobby unless they are involved in a specifically supervised activity.

School Day

The course schedule consists of eight blocks. Classes meeting during periods B3 and G3 are divided into four groups for lunch (A, B, C, D). Seminar meets almost every day.

Explanation of the Bells during the Class Period with Lunch

  1. First group goes to cafeteria; other groups go to class.
  2. Other groups begin class.
  3. First group goes to class (no one else moves).
  4. Second group goes to cafeteria. First group begins class.
  5. Second group goes back to class (no one else moves).
  6. Third group goes to cafeteria. Class resumes for second group.
  7. Third group goes back to class (no one else moves).
  8. Fourth group goes to cafeteria. Class resumes for third group.
  9. All move to period 4.

Regular Schedule

7:55             Warning Bell
8:00-9:30     Class B1/G1
9:35-10:57   Class B2/G2
11:02-1:03   Class B3/G3 + lunches
11:02-11:30 A Lunch
11:33-12:01 B Lunch
12:04-12:32 C Lunch
12:40-1:03   D Lunch
1:08-2:30     Class B4/G4
2:35-3:00     Seminar

Mass/Assembly/WED. Early Out Faculty PD* Schedule

7:55              Warning Bell
8:00-8:25      Advisory
8:30-9:30      Class B1/G1
9:35-10:45    Class B2/G2 
10:40-11:07  A Lunch
11:10-11:36  B Lunch
11:39-12:05  C Lunch
12:08-12:35  D Lunch
10:40-12:35  Class B3/G3 + lunch
12:40-1:40    Class B4/G4
1:40-2:25      Mass/Assembly      OR    1:45-3:05 Faculty Development-Every Wednesday
2:30-3:00      Seminar

Snow/Late Start Schedule

9:15             Warning Bell
9:20-10:36   Class B1/G1
10:40-12:36 Class B3/G3+ lunches (See Assembly Schedule)
12:40-1:48   Class B2/G2
1:52-3:00     Class B4/G4