Awards & Scholarships

Semester Awards

Honor Roll

At the end of each semester, a list of First Honors and Second Honors will be posted. All grades are considered in determining the honor roll. The criteria for honor roll are as follows:

First Honor Roll: Minimum current GPA of 3.900; the student has no Incompletes.
Second Honor Roll: Minimum current GPA of 3.5; the student has no Incompletes.

Annual Awards

Academic Awards

Students receive an Academic Award each time they accumulate 12 points. Points are earned by making the First Honors List (8 points) and Second Honors List (6 points). The last semester list is tallied with the following year’s points. An Academic Letter is awarded at 12 points, a Lamp of Knowledge Pin is given for 24 points, and a bar is earned for each additional 12 points. Highest Honor Pins go to those students who are on the First Honors list every semester (through the first semester of their senior year), thereby earning 56 points, the highest number of points possible. Students receive academic recognition at the Academic Awards Banquet.

Graduation Awards

Honors Recognition

Students will be recognized at graduation for the following GPAs averaged from the first seven semesters.

Summa cum laude                    cumulative 3.9                 gold cords at graduation
Magna cum laude cumulative 3.7 silver cords at graduation
Cum laude cumulative 3.5 royal cords at graduation
NHS   royal/gold cords at graduation

Valedictorian and Salutatorian Selection

The students selected for Valedictorian and Salutatorian must have the highest and second-highest cumulative GPA in their class and meet the following criteria, as determined at the end of the first seven semesters:

1. The student must have earned at least one credit or be currently enrolled and passing in one credit of Honors and/or AP® Math.
2. The student must be on schedule to have earned at least four credits of Science.
3. The student must be currently enrolled in and passing a second credit of Honors and/or AP® English.
4. The student must be currently enrolled in and passing a second credit of Honors and/or AP® American History.
5. The student must have earned at least two credits of a foreign language.
6. The student must have:

  • served or be currently serving as an officer in a school organization, class, or club, or
  • earned a school letter or the equivalent, other than an academic honor, on the varsity level, in any activity for which school letters or the equivalent are awarded, or
  • participated in community service project(s) to which a significant amount of personal time was committed, as determined by the office of Campus Ministry.

7. The student must have attended Borgia for at least  junior and senior year.

8. Beginning with the class of 2019, the student must be a current member of the National Honor Society (NHS). Members of the Class of 2017 and 2018 must maintain membership in NHS if already a member, but do not have to become a member if not.

In the event of a tie, the tiebreakers for Valedictorian and Salutatorian are:

  • A+s in the designated honors and/or AP® courses
  • Total number of A+s

Need-based Scholarships

Information is available in our Tuition Information section.