Archaeology Resources

The Christian Catacombs of Rome 
This site contains information on the Christian Catacombs of Rome and of the Church history in its origins. The site provides extensive material, in separate sections, dealing with largely unknown topic. Available in English, Italian, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, among others.

Subject: Religion & Theology--Faiths & Denominations--Christianity; Classics--By Topic--History, Biography & Geography; History--History by Region--European History--Antiquity; Classics--By Region--Imperial Rome--Rome & Christianity; Archaeology

Giza On Line 
This site contains articles about the Sphinx and temples of Giza along with links to museums and other sites related to ancient Egyptian history.

Subject: Archaeology

Stone Pages 
This site is a comprehensive online guide to European stone circles, dolmens, standing stones, cairns, barrows and hillforts and other ancient sites and monuments of France, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Italy. It provides text descriptions and images of hundreds of sites and a glossary of megalith-related terminology.

Subject: Europe; History--History by Region--European History--Antiquity; Archaeology