Anthropology Resources

Ancient Egypt: the Mythology 
"Ancient Egypt: the Mythology is a web site dedicated to supplying information about the religious beliefs of ancient Egypt." The site also provides information on the land and culture of ancient Egypt, a chronology of its history, FAQs section, links, as well as detailed information on Egypt's deities.

Subject: History--History by Region--African History; History--History by Region--Middle Eastern History--Antiquity; Anthropology; History--History by Region--African History--Antiquity; Religion & Theology

Cultural Anthropology Tutorials
This site contains tutorials from Palomar College, San Marcos, California, on the studies of culture, ethnocentrism, the cultural aspects of language and communication, subsistence and other economic patterns, kinship, sex and marriage, enculturation, social control, political organization, class, ethnicity, gender, religion, and culture change.

Subject:  Anthropology;

Life in Ancient Egypt 
Visit this Carnegie Museum of Natural History exhibition on ancient Egypt and pick from several categories including "Daily Life," "Gods and Religion," and "Funerary Customs" to tour the virtual gallery of artifacts, maps, and general information.

Subject: Anthropology; History--History by Region--African History--Antiquity; Archaeology

NativeTech - Native American Technology and Art 
This is an educational web site that covers topics of Native American technology and emphasizes the Eastern Woodlands region. The web site is organized into categories of Beadwork, Birds & Feathers, Clay & Pottery, Leather & Clothes, Metalwork, Plants & Trees, Porcupine Quills, Stonework & Tools, and Weaving & Cordage.

Subject: History--History by Region--North American History--United States History--Native American History; Anthropology; Archaeology