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2018-2079 T/ye Borgia Ammal Report
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Borgia meanstheabilitytogrow I think the foundation of our Borgia was instrumental in I've had the unique opportunity of Borgia means so much to me. It
in my faith while receiving a school community is caring and changing the direction of my life. being in many roles at Borgia — waswhereiiailandlwentto High
great education. It means the tandneggtotoutgchoat Students ll provided me Wllh (J l0UTl(J(]Tl0ll STU (J ent, teacher, C0[]Ch, SCh00l, where l taught/coached
oppommtty to become 0 better and parents are pmud to he 0 and supportthat I did not have at administrator, and parent. Our for T5 years, and where our two
pemh than t was when t Started pan of our Schhht BUT Borgia is home. Borgia became more than community IS faith-based, caring, children graduated. It provided us
high “hoot Bmgih hhsgtven me not hm 0 School, his 0 {may of a school for me; it became family. and enthusiastic as well as hard— a solid Catholic education and the
many gm“ things and for that people who are Supportive and The seeds of my faith took root working, intelligent, and tools to-be contributors in our
pm gmefut _ Brooke Lungel loving‘ _ Kaitlyn Parke, there and continueto this day. So progressiye. I support Borgia commulnitieslgoto many events
Senim Sophomme much of the positive and because|veseenfirst—handthatif atBorgioandseethestudentsand
productive aspects of who I am a student works hard and puts say, ”|tis alwaysabout the kids”!
/- /- came from my time at Borgia as a themselves out there for others, And I love it! I'm convinced they
student and now as a parent. — success in many things can be are getting the education and
Kecia (Haug) McKinnis '87, accomplished. — Rob Struckhofl tools needed to prepare for the
Alum/Current Parent '90, Alum/Current Parent/Faculty challenges ahead. That means a
Member lotto me. — Steve Ruether '67,
Alum/Former Faculty and
I Coach/ Former Pa rent
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We have received notification from the following individuals that St. Francis Borgia Regional High School
has been written into their will/crust or have received monies from an estate.
Christine (Eckelkamp) ‘70 and Tony Ballmann ‘66 Edotte (Mauntel) ‘43 and Ben Geisert Gail (Gililehaus) '68 and Michael Lause Abby (Wehrle) ‘99 and Christopher Roetheli ‘99
Kathy and Joseph Bitzer laine (Ehlenbeck) ‘62 and Dennis Glasemeyer ‘6l Steve Lochirco '60‘ Donna and Daniel Sieve ‘75
Annie and Rick Baedeker Barbara (Schelich) ‘84 and Scott Grayson Alvin (Squeaky) Marquart Dolores and William Straatmann '64
Dorothy (Pisarii)‘ and Hayward Baehmer‘ Eleanor Grinker '48 Belle and Thomas Massman Judy (Eckelkamp) '74 and Robert (Pete) Tabben '74
Eileen and David Chalk Jahn Grinker ‘S0 Joette and Michael Maurie '67 Vernon Tabben '46
Kathleen (Rauch) '62 and Herbert Dill‘ '57 Betsy and Doug Hazel Les Maurie‘ Lisa and Matthew Tobben ‘B4
Mary Alice (Bozzo) '72 and Stanley Dultz James Hillermann '75 Peggy (Fischer) McKelvey '49 Catherine Tabben '79
Jeanette and William Dul’ree Donald Hillermann” Mary Joyce Mentz '58 Bernice (Pisani) '38‘ and William Vanvactar‘
Nadine and John Feltmann ‘B2 Linda (Kriete) '69 and Mike Hoelscher '65 Estate of Ann Meyer Moira (Huber) ‘80 and Ruben Vossbrink Jr. ‘78
James Feltmann, Sr. Estate of Eunice Mae Holtmeier‘ Sue (Hillerman) '79 and Mark Micliels '79 Estate of Ludwig Westhoelter
Gladys Fields‘ Leola and Kenneth J. Holtmeyer Jacqueline (Post) Miller ‘55 LeAnne and Matt Westhoff '0l
Marilyn (Voss) '68 and Bob Fax Lisa (Massmann) ‘76 and Terry Hiixel '70 Laura and John Palitte’ ‘S3 Luhnn (Lanweimeyer) '78 and Chris Wilmes
Audrey (Weyer) '42 and Fred Fuller '42 Estate of Richard Hynes Kim and David Falitte '90 Elaine (Biinker) '68 and George Wingbermiieh|e'
Jean and James Garrett '67 Shirley (Voss) ‘53 and Wayne Lanweimeyer ‘55 MiMi (Valle) ‘90 and Bryan Raterman Msgr. Ted Woicicki
’ Denotes Deceased
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