415 Advanced Algebra I

2 semesters, 1 credit

Open to freshmen

Prerequisite: Recommendation of guidance counselor based on achievement tests

This course emphasizes the following algebra principles: order of operations, factoring, operations of polynomials and rational expressions, exponents, solving equations and inequalities, and simplifying radicals. These are the same topics as 410 Algebra I, but in more depth and at a faster pace. Additional topics include functions, systems of three equations, systems of inequalities, factoring cubes, synthetic division, quadratic equations, and a great emphasis on word problems. This is a prerequisite for 422 Advanced Geometry. A TI-84 graphing calculator is required for this class.


By the completion of this course, students will be able to...

  1. Simplify expressions involving numbers and variables.
  2. Solve equations, inequalities and rational equations.
  3. Graph linear functions and apply their properties.
  4. Solve equations and inequalities, including systems.
  5. Apply the laws of exponents. 
  6. Factor and simplify polynomial and rational expressions.
  7. Divide monomials and polynomials.
  8. Simplify radical expressions and solve radical equations.
  9. Solve quadratic equations using various methods.
  10. Identify key components of a parabola and circle from an equation.
  11. Recognize and use different functions of a TI-84 graphing calculator.


By the completion of this course students will know...

  1. Basic algebra skills
  2. Solving methods for equations, inequalities and systems
  3. Laws and use of exponents
  4. Factoring and its applications
  5. Applications of mathematical content through word problems
  6. Linear functions and their properties
  7. Operations on radical expressions
  8. Properties of quadratic equations and their applications


This course last updated on January 27, 2021, the Math Department.