Additional Search Engines & Directories

This search engine is backed by Microsoft and also integrates easily with Facebook and into Apple and Windows-based devices.

This is one of the fastest growing web search engines because it does not keep records of user searches. It aggregates its results from Bing, Yandex and other engines.  This search engine is entirely open-source.

This search engine has partnered with Microsoft and uses Bing search results.  It is the current default search engine for Mozilla Firefox.

Wolfram Alpha
This search engine curates its data instead of caching web pages.  It comes up with results which are computational facts.  It curates data from college publications, libraries, Crunchbase, FAA and many other sources.  An app is also available for this resource.
This search engine is more of a question-answer site rather than an extensive search engine, but you can find topics ranging from art and literature, geography, education and politics to technology, and science and business.  Responses are human-edited and are more to the point and better organized than Google.

IxQuick (Startpage) 
This site uses Google search engines but does not record preferences unless the user saves them.  The results are erased if the user does not return to the webpage within 90 days. 

This search engine is a Russian-based company and is the fourth largest search engine on the web.  

This is a web engine directory that searches Google, Yahoo, Yandex and other search engines.

Internet Archive
This site is not technically a search engine, but it allows users to search through older iterations of websites, and is a source for public books, images, software, movies, videos, etc. This non-profit digital library is a member of International Preservation Consortium.  This network crawls the web and archives valuable pieces of information.