How to Apply

St. Francis Borgia High School AdmissionsSt. Francis Borgia Regional High School is an open enrollment school. We believe that we can educate a wide range of student abilities.

For parochial school students, application forms are distributed through the St. Louis Archdiocese or the Jefferson City Archdiocese to the elementary schools and PSR directors for all 8th grade students. The completed form should be returned to the elementary school by the date indicated. If Borgia is the student’s first choice, the elementary school will send the enrollment forms, along with a copy of the student’s grades and standardized test scores to Borgia.

Students attending public schools or other private schools may obtain an application directly from Borgia by contacting Moira Vossbrink at 636-239-7871, ext. 197, or by downloading the Student and Family Stats form. Once completed, this form should be mailed to Moira Vossbrink at 1000 Borgia Drive, Washington, MO, 63090.  Parents will also need to request that records be sent from the elementary school to Borgia.